Wood-Effect Porcelain Stoneware Tiles

Wood-Effect Porcelain Stoneware Tiles

Negozio moderno con pavimento in gres porcellanato effetto legno e interni eleganti.
Lineo Walnut
lineo walnut

Wood-effect porcelain stoneware is the perfect blend of innovation and versatility in flooring. This material is suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces, offering an innovative solution for those seeking the practicality of porcelain stoneware combined with the cosy appearance of natural wood. Modern technology has made it possible to overcome the traditional limitations of materials, offering a product that adapts harmoniously and functionally to any living or commercial environment.

Keope’s made-in-Italy collections come in a wide range of styles, offering various laying patterns from classic arrangements like straight or diagonal layouts to more sophisticated herringbone and chevron patterns. The tiles feature veining and knots that intertwine harmoniously on the surface, enhancing any space with their natural beauty.

Keope’s wood-effect porcelain stoneware tiles are rectified, enabling installations with minimal joints that emphasise visual continuity and sophistication in spaces. Rectification involves cutting the edges of the stoneware tiles with millimetre precision, resulting in a seamless and polished look. This combination of vintage charm and authentic details elevates every room, creating a welcoming and cosy atmosphere where one can truly feel at home.

Advantages of wood-effect porcelain stoneware tiles

Keope’s wood-effect stoneware is not only a feast for the eyes but also a ground-breaking solution for floor and wall tiles, offering numerous advantages that make it an excellent choice for any setting. This product also stands out as an eco-friendly option that protects the health of the environment and people, thanks to the careful selection of the finest raw materials and the use of components free from VOCs and other harmful substances.

Keope Journey Honey 30X120x2
Journey Honey
Journey Honey

Resistance and durability

Wood-effect porcelain tiles boast exceptional resistance and can withstand wear, impacts and heavy loads, making them suitable for any environment. Their low water absorption makes them ideal for humid environments, while their excellent stain resistance simplifies maintenance and cleaning. Additionally, the non-slip finish ensures safety and stability under all conditions, whether walking barefoot or wearing shoes.
Moreover, these tiles are fireproof and resistant to extreme weather conditions, ensuring their durability over time, regardless of the elements.

Versatility for interiors and exteriors

With different thicknesses available (9mm, 20mm) and a diverse range of surface finishes, wood-effect porcelain tiles are suitable for both interior and exterior wall coverings. Whether envisioning an elegant terrace or a cosy living area, these wood-effect porcelain stoneware tiles blend seamlessly, providing visual consistency and unrivalled technical performance.

Wide range of colours

The variety of colours available offers endless creative possibilities. From warm honey wood-effect porcelain stoneware to stylish white, contemporary grey and vibrant shades of decorated wood effect, the options are abundant. Each colour is designed to faithfully reproduce the natural hues of wood, allowing you to customise every space according to your tastes and preferences.

Bagno di design con pavimento e rivestimenti in gres porcellanato effetto legno, lavabo in marmo e doccia moderna.
Lineo Sand
lineo sand

Wood-effect stoneware, according to Keope

The wood-effect porcelain stoneware collections pay homage to the natural beauty of wood while keeping a keen eye on superior technical performance. These series, born from advanced aesthetic and technological research, offer a plethora of solutions to turn any space into a distinctive and customised environment.

The Lineo collection enhances the simplicity and elegance of wood with five warm and welcoming shades, including soft Honey, bright White and deep Walnut porcelain stoneware. 

Evoke captivates with bold designs and enveloping textures that stimulate sight and touch, offering decorative options like herringbone patterns and distinct shades such as Moka, Ivory, and Brown.

Journey brings floral motifs and retro-chic flair to the forefront, with a selection of planks in varying widths for a visually dynamic and captivating effect.

The Soul collection merges the old-world charm of wood with cutting-edge production technologies, offering 20mm-thick outdoor surfaces that evoke tales of the past. Soul is a Vintage or Aged-Effect porcelain stoneware collection that can include knots, crevices, and other features, imparting a delightful weathered charm to any setting.


For an even more informed and personalized choice, we invite you to discover our wood-effect porcelain stoneware collections through Ceramiche Keope’s MatchApp. This innovative application lets you upload a photo of your room and preview how our surfaces can transform your space.