Pool and Wellness Tiles

Pool and Wellness Tiles

Keope Discovery Leccese Taupe

Wellness and style united in perfect harmony: discover our tiles for swimming pools and spas

Immerse yourself in an oasis of wellness and style with Keope's porcelain stoneware tiles for swimming pools, spas and relaxation areas. These tiles perfectly combine functionality with aesthetics, creating an unforgettable ambience. The floor and wall tiles for relaxation areas convey a sense of harmony and serenity, while the spa tiles create an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication.
Safety, durability and slip resistance are just some of the key features of the Keope floor tiles for pools.

Discover the various effects and colours of the pool tiles

The world of porcelain stoneware tiles will help you bring your pool to life. Our pool tiles come in a wide range of colours and effects that add a strong personality to any outdoor environment. From large size slabs ensuring visual continuity to the use of mosaic tiles, ideal for smaller pools.
From the deepest blue tones evoking the sea to vibrant shades inspired by nature, you will find the perfect solution to create a unique and sophisticated atmosphere. Selecting porcelain stoneware for your swimming pool ensures greater safety, as it withstands constant exposure to moisture and chemicals. Maintaining visual continuity between the pool edge tiles and the surrounding pavement is also essential to ensure consistency, including areas such as steps, corners and gratings.

AMB Pietra Di Barge 30X60

Discover our collections and projects designed for swimming pools, wellness centres and relaxation areas

For a glimpse into the performance of porcelain stoneware in these evocative environments, we invite you explore some of our projects like the Spa at the Hotel De La Ville in Riccione and the wellness centre at the QC Terme in Val di Fassa.