Leisure Time

Milano Ivory cement-effect porcelain stoneware floor from the Street collection, laid in a chic outdoor space by a modern pool with dark stone steps and stylish garden furniture.
Street Milano Ivory
Street Milano Ivory

Leisure Time

Concrete-effect porcelain stoneware makes its way into urban residential settings, large sunny verandas and modern designer villas with Street. Designed for protected outdoor spaces such as balconies, terraces and porches, the collection addresses the need to soften the rough and compact appearance of real concrete to give it a more homely feel.

Italian: "Pavimento in gres effetto cemento collezione Street colore Milano Silver in terrazza con divano e giardino.
street Milano Silver
Street Milano Silver
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Colours and finishes

Street is available in two versions of non-rectified porcelain stoneware rectangular tiles, each in two colours: Milano has an even finish and comes in two very elegant light shades, while Londra is more textured and comes in two more intense and nuanced colour variants.

With its versatile and informal personality, this series offers a soft R10 non-slip finish for safety and ease of maintenance.

Sizes and layout solutions

The Street collection, in the versatile 22.5x45.3 cm format in non-rectified porcelain stoneware, allows unparalleled freedom of design when it comes to laying patterns. This rectangular porcelain stoneware is perfectly suited to both traditional side-by-side arrangements, for a clean, uncluttered look, and dynamic random staggered layouts, in proportions of 1/2 and 1/3, which are ideal for adding movement and depth to any space. For more classic designs, the herringbone pattern is a timeless choice that never fails to catch the eye, while for those who want a more contemporary and original touch, the 2 by 2 square module will turn every floor into a geometric work of art.

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1 Sizes
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Colours and sizes Street

Choose the color:

Street London Grey

Cement tone par excellence, Grey interprets the material in a warmer chromatic key, also ideal for residential projects. Dark greige and smoke grey are the basic chords of an intense and distinctive nuance.

Formats and surfaces

  • 22,5x45,3 - 9''X18''
  • Structured R10