How to clean Porcelain Stoneware

How to clean porcelain stoneware? What products to use after laying or renovation? In this page you will find all the information you need for cleaning porcelain stoneware.

Cleaning Stoneware after laying

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The cleaning of “after laying” stoneware is mandatory at the end of the building site works. The inadequate or late removal of residues of the grouting used for the joints can leave halos which are difficult to remove. In addition, halos and stains can create in stoneware floors a concrete film able to absorb all sorts of dirt. It is necessary to completely dissolve and eliminate these residues using specific products.

In brief, cleaning floors in porcelain stoneware after laying should be carried out in three phases: 

  1. Preliminary washing on a limited area of a few metres.
  2. Acid washing on the entire surface and subsequent rinsing (ONLY if the preliminary washing has had a positive result). Repeat the washing and rinsing until all the laying residues and halos have been removed.
  3. Basic or alkaline washing to avoid greasy residues due to the acid washing, using common degreasing detergents.

The use of buffered acids diluted in water is an excellent solution for washing after laying. These must be totally removed in a short time with the abundant rinsing of the entire floor. It is recommended to repeat washing and rinsing until the complete removal of every halo or residue. 

It is important to always follow the use instructions present on the packaging of the products used.

We suggest carrying out a preliminary wash on sample surfaces of a few square metres. In the event of a positive result, cleaning can be extended to the entire surface.

Once the above washing has been completed, it is necessary to carry out a basic or alkaline wash using degreasing detergents. This is because acid washing can leave grease on the floor which could contribute to retaining dirt.

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Day-to day cleaning

For the day-to day cleaning of porcelain stoneware floors and covings, we recommend using a neutral bleach or ammonia detergent diluted in hot water. Don’t use abrasive instruments, especially in the case of lapped or polished tiles. After cleaning always dry the surfaces so as to avoid halos.

Ceramiche Keope recommends NON to use:

  • Detergents that contain waxes or polishing additives;
  • oily or impregnating soaps;
  • hydrofluoric acid (HF) and derivatives.
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Extraordinary cleaning

Also in the case of extraordinary cleaning, it’s important to always carry out a preventive test before using detergent products, particularly on lapped or polished porcelain stoneware. It should never be forgotten, moreover, that the removal of any type of stain is easier when it is still fresh.

In the case of particular or very difficult stains, it is recommended to wash the porcelain stoneware with specific detergents. When using acid detergents, after letting them act on the surface, it’s important to carry out the rinsing operation.

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Products and detergents for cleaning stoneware

We recommend downloading the “Products for cleaning” document, available at the bottom of the page. The product that can be used for every type of stain, dirt or residue is indicated.