About Us

About Us

Our History

We are an Italian ceramic manufacturer of porcelain stoneware, with coordinated collections between indoor and outdoor.
Our experience in the world of design is based on a timely technological and creative research, fueled by relationships with our partners.

Every product brings our values into the world. From classic collections to the most avant-garde, everything follows a path in which the dialogue between matter and architecture becomes increasingly intimate. The production of porcelain stoneware, started in 1995 in a small factory in Emilia, today exceeds 6 million square meters per year and reaches 80 countries worldwide.

We are a strong industrial reality: we export to the world but we keep the meticulous and affectionate eye of the Italian craftsman, with all the passion for the territory and its traditions.

Made in Italy

With our work done entirely in the Italian ceramic district we renew every day the ancient prestige of the Made in Italy heritage.

We want to offer original collections, attention to detail both in the design and production phase. The ideas are born from the passion for our work and we are driven by the desire to offer quality and beauty to those who choose our products.
Our philosophy, in everyday work, can be summed up in attention to detail, social responsibility, respect for the environment and for people, values that have always distinguished us, to bring the uniqueness of Made in Italy in the world.

We keep the artisanal footprint of the past, but we look far beyond our borders. Before our eyes passes the entire process of porcelain stoneware: Keope floor and wall tiles are a concentrate of eco-sustainability, Italian artistic flair and deep respect for people and the territory.

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Our Values

We believe in transparent production, so we are promoters of the Code of Ethics of Confindustria. For us, Made in Italy means quality workmanship, reliability, protection of workers and the environment with all the means available.

The awards and certifications we have obtained also confirm our commitment in the environmental field. After a serious program of protection of eco-sustainability, we were the first ceramic company in the world and the first ever in Europe to obtain the prestigious ISO 14064.

Today, our porcelain stoneware is a synthesis of values without equal or precedent: every product is unalterable, fireproof, non-toxic and recyclable. In short, it ensures exemplary results in terms of durability and performance. The interaction between design and performance shapes contemporary ceramics. And vice versa: an excellent product, used and tested in advanced contexts, teaches something in terms of safety, resistance, hygiene and versatility.


Our Products

Nature and its patterns have always fascinated us, thus influencing our work as producers.
The rigour of marble, the warmth of wood, the solidity of stone, the contemporaneity of cement: starting from these suggestions, Keope porcelain tiles cover public or domestic environments with sober elegance.

We pay great attention to stylistic and practical needs. Our tiles are available in a wide variety of sizes, from the smallest to the largest - such as 120x278. In addition, we present a catalog that includes collections in different effects and finishes. Stone remains the strongest inspiration for defining surfaces and textures of quality bathroom, kitchen and outdoor tiles. Over time, materials such as cement, wood, large marble slabs and outdoor products in 20mm thickness have been added as daily cues in our research work.