Dark Grey Porcelain Stoneware Tiles

Dark Grey Porcelain Stoneware Tiles

Ambiente esterno con pavimento grigio in gres porcellanato con piastrelle della collezione Noord, accanto a una sedia sospesa rossa e pianta verde.
Plate Anthracite
Plate Anthracite
Pavimento in gres porcellanato grigio della collezione Elements Design in una negozio di abbigliamento luminoso con piante e tessuti decorativi.
Elements Design Grey
Elements Design Grey
Pavimenti e parete rivestiti con piastrelle in gres porcellanato effetto cemento grigio scuro della collezione Ikon in un soggiorno moderno con camino e libreria.
Ikon Grey
ikon grey
Keope Noord Grey Part 6A
Noord grey
noord grey
Pavimento in gres porcellanato effetto terrazzo della collezione Dolmix Dark, con dettaglio di divano e tavolino moderno.
Dolmix Dark
dolmix dark

The intensity of dark shades

Dark grey tiles are a distinctive element in contemporary interior design and recognised for their sophisticated look and adaptability. The popularity of this shade, in both wall and floor tiles is due to its innate ability to blend in well in various spaces, both around the home and in commercial spaces, where it helps to create a feeling of high quality and modernity.

Grey porcelain stoneware is distinguished by its exceptional strength and its ability to accurately replicate different textures, from the most natural to the most urban material. This versatility makes it a preferred choice for anyone wishing to combine functionality with a distinct design style.

Keope Noord Antracite 60X120 Amb 4
noord anthracite
noord anthracite

Dark grey tiles for commercial spaces

Dark grey porcelain stoneware tiles create an ideal backdrop for a variety of commercial spaces, from high-fashion boutiques to contemporary art galleries, from vibrant co-working spaces to trendy lounge bars. This choice of colour not only adds natural elegance to any space, but also provides a versatile backcloth that enhances the unique characteristics of each space, helping to define the atmosphere and enhance the visual experience for visitors.

Dark grey porcelain stoneware, with its thicker variants (20 mm and 30 mm), is also a major element in outdoor spaces, such as town squares set up for outdoor events, driveways leading to accommodation facilities or panoramic patios, where properties such as resistance to climatic changes, ease of maintenance and durability are becoming increasingly important. These qualities, combined with the colour stability that preserves the tiles' original appearance over time, make porcelain stoneware the ideal choice for creating continuity between indoors and outdoors, at the same time maintaining their looks and functional consistency.

E DESIGN Grey Powder Peach
elements design grey
Elements Design Grey

Dark grey: elegant floors in the home

In the home, dark grey floors are emerging as a popular choice of style that adds a precious touch of neutral sophistication to any room, from the living room to the kitchen, from the bathroom to the bedrooms. This shade is perfect for creating contrasts with light furniture or to complement a single-colour scheme and brings a sense of modern elegance and a cosy atmosphere to every corner of the home. Dark grey can be adapted to different styles, it amplifies natural light and offers a background canvas that enhances both minimalist and more lively and colourful furnishings. Choosing dark grey porcelain stoneware means embracing a practical and durable solution that is ideally suited for living everyday spaces in comfort without compromising on appearance.

Keope Percorsi Frame Gneiss Grey Vert
Percorsi Frame gneiss grey
Percorsi Frame gneiss grey

Explore the palette of Keope's dark grey tiles

Discover the appeal of porcelain stoneware by Ceramiche Keope, ranging from the deepest shades of grey such as anthracite to the more subtle and versatile shades of light grey, detailed on our page of light grey tiles. This colour transition is not only about contrasts and harmonies but invites you to experiment with how shades can influence the atmosphere and spirit of a space. Every shade of grey, from the softest to the most pronounced, is a promise of style waiting to be explored.

The Percorsi Frame collection, in the shade of Gneiss Grey, and Ubik Anthracite are based on the stone effect, a tribute to the strength and beauty of nature and perfectly in line with both traditionally styled environments and contemporary, avant-garde design spaces. Noord Grey and Geo Grey offer more minimal surfaces, the former with its concrete-effect texture for a clean industrial style, the latter with the discreet elegance of resin-effect stoneware for a modern touch.

Finally, the Persian Grey Elements Lux introduces subtle opulence with its dark grey marble effect tiles, ideal for anyone in search of sophisticated luxury. Whether you need to decide on tiles for your kitchen wall or flooring for your living room, the solutions offered by Ceramiche Keope promise a perfect mix of looks and functionality, transforming any space into a liveable work of art.


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Cleaning grey porcelain stoneware:
practical solutions for hygienic environments

Cleaning dark grey porcelain stoneware is one of the main advantages of this material, whether indoors or outdoors. It is exceptionally easy to maintain, and is highly resistant to stains, making it ideal in spaces that require high standards of hygiene, such as kitchens, bathrooms and public spaces. Thanks to its non-porous surface, porcelain stoneware minimises the absorption of liquids and dirt, allowing for effective and fast cleaning, often requiring only warm water to remove the most common stains, thus ensuring clean and hygienic environments with minimal effort.

Cleaning dark grey porcelain stoneware is based on a classification system, defined by the UNI EN ISO 10545-14 standard, which evaluates the stain resistance of ceramic tiles. This standard offers a reliable guide to the choice of material based on the specific maintenance and hygiene requirements of each space. Materials rated Class 5 offer the ultimate in ease of cleaning, allowing stains to be removed simply with warm water, highlighting the exceptional stain resistance of porcelain stoneware. This feature makes it particularly suitable for environments that require frequent and efficient cleaning, ensuring flawless spaces with minimal effort. The lower classifications require varying levels of stain removal, from mild detergents to more intense treatments, while still offering a range of options to deal effectively with different types of dirt and stains.