Porcelain Stoneware Tiles in the Kitchen

Porcelain Stoneware Tiles in the Kitchen

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Choosing tiles for the kitchen

The kitchen is the pulsating heart of the home, a place for sharing and creativity where looks and functionality need to merge together seamlessly. The exceptional qualities of porcelain stoneware make it the ideal choice for tiling the kitchen, meeting the specific needs of this environment. Porcelain stoneware is produced by a firing process at very high temperatures and combines very low porosity with high mechanical resistance, making it impervious to chemical attacks, temperature changes, shocks and scratches. These characteristics make it not only easy to keep clean, avoiding stains and mould, but also safe, with the possibility of applying non-slip surfaces that do not compromise its appearance.

Porcelain stoneware revolutionises the looks of kitchens by offering an astonishing variety of textures, colours and sizes. With the help of advanced technology, it faithfully emulates the appearance of materials such as marble, stone or concrete, allowing you to create spaces that are equally at home in natural or urban settings. Large slabs play a key role in achieving contemporary design styles, minimising joints for a more even and easy-care surface. With the introduction of porcelain stoneware strips, new design perspectives have also been opened up, not only for wall coverings but also as refined solutions for backsplashes, with an unprecedented versatility for customising every detail of the kitchen.

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Keope porcelain stoneware tiles for the kitchen

Ceramiche Keope offers a wide selection of porcelain stoneware collections that can transform every kitchen into a unique, stylish space. They are designed to offer the perfect blend of functionality and visual appeal, making them the ideal choice for anyone in search of quality and style.

The Plate collection embodies modernity through its metal-effect tiles, available in 8 sophisticated shades. Silver, in particular, offers a touch of elegance and luminosity, perfect for anyone who wants a bright, contemporary kitchen design.

The District Collection, on the other hand, offers a more sober look with its concrete effect in various colours, such as elegant Ivory, perfect for minimalist yet cosy design environments.  

The Journey Collection captures the naturalness and warmth of wood with tiles available in 4 colours, 5 sizes, 2 surfaces and 2 thicknesses. The decorative versatility of these tiles is unique, and can even be combined with decorated tiles for a personal, distinctive touch.

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Porcelain stoneware for kitchen worktops and sinks

For modern kitchen design, porcelain stoneware is a versatile and functional solution for worktops and sinks. For worktops, it provides a large, hygienic and stain-resistant surface which is ideal for food preparation and everyday tasks. It is impact resistant and does not scratch, remaining unchanged over time.

Porcelain stoneware also offers numerous advantages for sinks. The low-water-absorption of the material prevents unpleasant water stagnation and its stain-resistant properties prevent the formation of halos or stains, ensuring a flawless appearance at all times. The possibility of integrating the washbasin into the top creates a minimalist and sophisticated look.

Porcelain stoneware proves to be a refined, low-maintenance design option for wet areas.

What makes porcelain stoneware the ideal wall covering for your kitchen?

Porcelain stoneware has established itself as the ideal wall covering for the kitchen, due not only to its refined appearance but also to its outstanding technical properties. One of the main reasons for its superior quality is its extremely low water absorption, certified at less than 0.5% according to UNI EN ISO 10545-3. This fundamental characteristic makes porcelain stoneware almost impermeable, creating an effective barrier against humidity, stains and chemical agents. In practice, this resistance to the ingress of liquids ensures that surfaces maintain their integrity and beauty over time, greatly reducing the risk of damage or deformation.

Its low porosity makes porcelain stoneware super-easy to clean. Porcelain stoneware surfaces are rated from 1 to 5 based on stain resistance, where class 5 represents the highest level of easy maintenance. In practice, this indicates that stains can be removed effectively using only warm water, without the need to resort to detergents or solvents.

Anti-slip properties are another key factor for kitchen tiles, especially considering the inevitable splashes of water, oil or other substances. Porcelain stoneware excels in this area as well, with specific tests such as DCOF and EN 16165 standards, certifying that some finishes have high skid resistance in both dry and wet conditions. These tests divide tiles according to their class of slipperiness, allowing designers to choose the most suitable product based on their specific use. For example, R10 and R11 rated finishes offer excellent skid resistance, making the floor safe even in wet conditions.


Discover the potential of your kitchen with Match App

This innovative web-app allows you to upload a photo of your kitchen and try out different Ceramiche Keope collections virtually, making it easy to choose the kitchen wall tiles that are best for you. This tool is perfect for seeing what your kitchen could look like, combining design and technology to help you turn your dream kitchen into a reality.