Urban Wilderness

Urban Wilderness

Evoking the dynamic allure of concrete effect porcelain tiles, this collection marries the raw beauty of Brutalism with the modern-day desire to intertwine with nature. Cosmopolis and nature. From the fusion of two worlds comes District, a series that expresses the aesthetic value of bare concrete in a contemporary and sophisticated way. Nature leaves its mark on the surface of the porcelain stoneware slabs, enriching them with pebbles, mineral chips and material inclusions. District’s concrete is soft and domestic, designed to cover comfortable urban nests and contemporary commercial spaces. The series' versatility in seamlessly integrating as indoor and outdoor tiles positions it as a prime choice for expansive architectural designs.

Keope District Silver (1)
District Silver

Colors and finishes

The District color palette comes in 5 neutral tones that reflect the modernity of the collection. Ivory' and White's warm, sandy tones illuminate spacious urban lofts. Greige moves towards warmer tones, ideal for spaces devoted to relaxation, while Silver and Grey explore the chromatic universe of grays and the more industrial side of the palette. The soft R10 finish, with its fine three-dimensional texture, gives a slight movement and depth to the surface that comes alive with the touch of natural light. 

Sizes and thicknesses

From the 40x80 cm to the 120x120 cm large slabs, District covers all design needs with a wide range of formats for interior walls and floors, including small formats for skirting and stairs. All sizes and thicknesses are available in the collection's 5 colors. District also includes a 20 mm thickness specifically for outdoor projects in the 80x80 format.

Also available is the 120x278 large slab in Greige and White colours.

Bring your space to life with the allure of District. We invite our discerning patrons to explore Match App: simply upload a photograph of your setting and witness how the District collection could elevate its essence. It's the art of porcelain stoneware, just a click away.

5 Colors
7 Sizes
2 Surfaces
2 Thicknesses

Colours and sizes District

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District Grey

The quintessential cement color, Grey captures the personality of the entire District series. An austere and elegant dark base provides the backdrop for a myriad of small, light, irregular inclusions that enliven and enrich the surface. 

Formats and surfaces

  • 30x60 - 12''X24'' RT
  • 60x60 - 24''X24'' RT
  • 60x120 - 24''X48'' RT
  • 80x80 - 32''X32'' RT
  • 120x120 - 48''X48'' RT
  • 30x60 - 12''X24'' RT
  • 60x60 - 24''X24'' RT
  • 80x80 - 32''X32'' RT 20mm
  • Spazzolato R10
  • Structured R11