Metal Effect Porcelain Stoneware Tiles

Metal Effect Porcelain Stoneware Tiles

Keope Plate Oxyde

The industrial harmony and elegance of metal

Metal-effect porcelain stoneware represents a fascinating combination of the luminosity of metals and industrial aesthetics. The lustre, smooth surfaces and colour effects reminiscent of oxidation of metal-effect porcelain stoneware infuse architectural projects with a modern urban flair. These tiles harmoniously blend with concrete and wood effect porcelain stoneware, giving a sophisticated industrial appeal to residential and commercial spaces alike.

Keope's metal effect tiles are ideal for interior design projects seeking an industrial and metropolitan ambience. The Plate series introduces an unprecedented Corten effect, elevating metal to a prominent role as both a vertical covering and a floor covering.

A mix of durability and design

Metal effect stoneware offers numerous advantages that make it an ideal choice for floors and walls. Its strength and durability make it suitable to withstand everyday use, as well as moisture, ensuring a resilient and long-lasting floor covering. Moreover, the smooth and compact surface of porcelain stoneware makes it quick and easy to maintain and clean, preventing dirt build-up and facilitating the removal of stains.

Metal-effect porcelain stoneware tiles offer the luxurious look of metal at a more affordable price than authentic materials, all while upholding the standards of quality and elegance.

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The Ceramiche Keope collections: high-quality metal effect porcelain stoneware tiles

The Ceramiche Keope collections offer metal-effect porcelain stoneware tiles characterised by an industrial urban aesthetic. The shiny surfaces and realistic finishes impeccably emulate the look of metal. Among the collections that stand out is Plate, which integrates metal effect porcelain stoneware into cutting-edge architectural projects with an industrial style or into living spaces that focus on everyday comfort. Ideal for both residential and commercial interiors, these tiles add a touch of contemporary elegance and create a distinctive ambience in any space.

Explore the design possibilities with the help of the Match App: unleash your creativity and discover in real time how the different metal effect porcelain stoneware collections fit into your environment.