Concrete-Effect Porcelain Stoneware Tiles

Concrete-Effect Porcelain Stoneware Tiles

Keope Noord Grey 120X120 K2 20Mm 2

Stylish and innovative floors and walls

Unleash your imagination with Keope's concrete-effect porcelain stoneware tiles, perfect for both outdoor and indoor floors and walls. This harmonious fusion of a industrial and sophisticated aesthetics is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and modern spaces. Be inspired by this versatile solution and transform your rooms into genuine masterpieces of design.

Textural or minimal? A style for every surface

Keope's concrete-effect tile collections offer a versatile choice to suit a variety of different styles and environments. Whether your prefer a minimalist look with soft lines and light shades or a bold impact with refined textures, you will find the ideal solution for your project.

Opting for a concrete-effect porcelain stoneware tile collection is a very precise stylistic choice, enabling you to create stunning environments that convey the powerful character of concrete, while benefiting from the stain resistance, hygiene, easy maintenance and cleaning and immutability that only porcelain stoneware can offer.

Our collections feature a wide range of colours that will breathe new life into your home. Explore the available options and add a touch of vibrancy and style to your spaces.

Keope's concrete effect tiles are also available in the 20mm format, perfect for outdoor applications such as swimming pools, patios, pavements, terraces and much more.

KEOPE IKON Ristorante Part 3

Relive the urban essence with Keope's concrete-effect porcelain stoneware collections

Discover our concrete-effect porcelain stoneware collections and be captivated by their distinctive allure and charm. Ikon is dedicated to lovers of urban aesthetics and is inspired by concrete. This line of porcelain stoneware tiles interprets the beauty of the raw material in a unique way. The Moov line, instead, features gentle patterns, evoking a subtle flow reminiscent of cement-based materials. Lastly, the Noord line merges the concrete effect with an industrial chic style.

Would you like to see how our concrete-effect porcelain stoneware collections fit into your environment? Try the Match App to play around with and visualise different combinations and create your own unique style.