Private Villa, Liguria - Italy

Private Villa, Liguria - Italy

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Noord White
noord white

Geometric shapes and a clean design define the essence of this private villa overlooking the Ligurian Sea. The intense blue of the sea enhances the elegant white of Noord's wide cement-effect porcelain stoneware slabs. The modern and versatile color White, combined with the typical matt finish of industrial concrete, is perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor use in an environment that maintains a deep connection with the surrounding nature.

In this project, 120x120 cm square slabs were used for both the interior and exterior floors, including the pool area. The interior tiles have the new Natural R10 finish, which offers a firm yet soft grip. For the exterior, a 20 mm thickness with R11 coefficient was chosen.  This provides greater strength and safety, which is particularly important in the pool area, which is naturally subject to moisture and ponding.

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Interior Designer Tosi Francesca - Valle Giuseppe Showroom
Photo credits: Roberto Leoni

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