Syntech | Contract

Syntech | Contract

Modern Feeling

Syntech silver
Syntech silver

Resin-effect porcelain tiles for indoor spaces 

Minimalist, modern, elegant. With Syntech, Keope adds to its contract products a line of resin-effect porcelain stoneware intended to cover floors and walls of interiors with a welcoming and discreet atmosphere. Its minimalist look goes well with spaces defined by pure, light lines, where attention is focused on a few carefully chosen details. Syntech is a contemporary stoneware collection that lends itself to cross-use in residential settings, as well as in charming hotels, commercial and public spaces. 

Syntech white
Syntech white

Colours and surfaces

Syntech's smooth, homogeneous texture is paired with a neutral color palette consisting of four light, bright shades. The pure nuance of White tiles contrasts with Grey, which explores different shades of this color. The bright sand color of Beige and the grayish-brown hues of Taupe add a warm note to the palette. The four nuances come to life under delicate brush strokes that, playing with light, make the surface dynamic and give it depth. 

Formats and finishes 

The series is available in three sizes-60x20, 60x120 and 30x60 cm-plus the 7.2x60 cm skirting size. The soft matt R9 finish reveals the unabashedly contemporary nature of a versatile collection that is generous with environments.

4 Colors
3 Sizes
1 Surfaces
1 Thicknesses

Colours and sizes Syntech | Contract

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Syntech beige

A shade reminiscent of warm earth tones, Beige creates an atmosphere of great elegance and sophistication. Rooms soften, enveloped by this domestic and luminous shade.

Formats and surfaces

  • 30x60 - 12''X24'' RT
  • 60x60 - 24''X24'' RT
  • 60x120 - 24''X48'' RT
  • Natural R9