Borgo Hermada - Turin, Italy

Borgo Hermada - Turin, Italy


The Borgo Hermada building project is a nucleus of three independent buildings connected by condominium paths: the former convent Palazzo Redentore, Villa Angelica and a new construction of two villas with four flats.

The renovation of the imposing Palazzo Redentore gave rise to 20 flats and common areas on the ground floor, for which stone and cement effect porcelain stoneware tiles from various Keope collections were chosen. The aesthetic value of the Keope tiles, the modernity of the cement-effect porcelain stoneware and the choice of a colour palette ranging from beige to a wide range of greys help to define the strong, contemporary identity of the space.

Stairways, skirting boards and floors in the common areas are covered with the stone-effect stoneware of Dolmix Grey. For the outdoor walkways, outdoor stones from the Percorsi Smart series were chosen in three variants: Pietra di Lavis, Pietra di Bressa and Pietra di Bagnolo, all in the 20 mm thickness.

The project is completed by the cement-effect stoneware slabs of  Londale beige, the limestone effect of Dunstone beige and the striated effect of Swisstone anthracite in the 60x60 size.

Thanks to: Filippo Orlando, +Studio Architetti
Photo credits: Fabio Oggero

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