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Dolmix Dark Particolare 3
dolmix dark
dolmix dark

The decorative power of stone effect tiles

Dolmix decorative tiles stand out for their aesthetic rigor and ornamental taste. On the surface, the chromatic mixture of multiform pebble retains the charm of the material of inspiration: a stone fashioned by time on the slopes of the Italian mountains, expressing a new power in decorating rooms and spaces around the city. 

Dolmix Dark 120X120 Particolare 1
dolmix dark
dolmix dark

Tile sizes and thicknesses

The stone effect decor-collection is a pure sign of versatility: its porcelain tile formats are modern and generous, including the large slab 120x278 cm. The square forms - 120x120 cm and 60x60 cm - are also available in 20mm thickness, so that commercial and residential areas can achieve a sense of continuity between indoor and outdoor.

Colors and surfaces

Dolmix skilfully combines with different other collections, immediately showing an emotional, outside-the-box quotient. The limestone tint, a result of meticulous graphic research, opens the scene to contrasting or kindred juxtapositions alongside with the elements of the same architectural scenography.

3 Colors
6 Sizes
2 Surfaces
3 Thicknesses

Colours and sizes Dolmix

Choose the color:

dolmix grey

The neutral background leaves room for eye-catching visual experiments and combinations of separate but complementary materials in terms of mood and aesthetics

Formats and surfaces

  • 60x60 - 24''X24'' RT
  • 60x120 - 24''X48'' RT
  • 120x120 - 48''X48'' RT
  • 120x278 - 48''X110'' RT
  • 60x60 - 24''X24'' RT 20mm
  • 120x120 - 48''X48'' RT 20mm
  • Natural R9
  • Structured R11