Dunstone | Contract

Dunstone | Contract

dunstone grey
dunstone grey

Picture yourself surrounded by an impeccable mineral texture, where the Dunstone limestone effect settles with unparalleled grace in areas of prestige, sobriety and rich in details.

Discover the many colours available, ranging from the refined nuances of Grey to the enveloping beauty of Ivory and the sophisticated essence of Beige. These shades will transport you to warm and intimate atmospheres, engulfing you in a serene and sophisticated ambience.

Dunstone will inspire you to create dignified and magnificent spaces, where the mineral texture blends harmoniously with refined and understated details. Whether for residential, public or commercial projects, this collection adapts with grace and versatility, transforming environments into genuine works of art.

dunstone grey
dunstone grey
3 Colors
3 Sizes
1 Surfaces
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Colours and sizes Dunstone | Contract

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dunstone ivory

Formats and surfaces

  • 30x60 - 12''X24'' RT
  • 60x60 - 24''X24'' RT
  • 60x120 - 24''X48'' RT
  • Natural R9