Porcelain stoneware: style and technical performance make it a top choice for spas and wellness centres

Porcelain stoneware: style and technical performance make it a top choice for spas and wellness centres
Hotel Sporting Prodongo SPA with elegant tiles, modern loungers, and large windows providing a charming view of the snowy locale.
Percorsi collection

The atmosphere in a spa is an essential feature that contributes significantly to helping patrons relax and enjoy a quality wellness experience. Creating just the right ambience, with painstaking attention to detail to ensure a calm, tranquil stay, is an art founded on careful, informed choices, especially when it comes to covering materials; so choosing the right tiles for a spa is crucial.

The right coverings not only contribute to the overall look of the place; they also pay a key role when it comes to hygiene and maintenance. These aspects are crucial in a spa, where humidity and frequent use necessitate materials that are resistant, easy to clean and durable.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the use of porcelain stoneware tiles for spas and wellness areas, offering a series of examples that show how this material has become a must in the design of wellness and relaxation areas for its ability to combine style with hygiene and practical qualities.

Modern indoor pool area with grey porcelain stoneware cladding from the Percorsi Extra collection in Pietra di Combe color.
Percorsi Extra | Pietra di Combe
Percorsi Extra Pietra di Combe
Elegant wooden sauna room with stone-effect porcelain stoneware flooring from the Percorsi Extra collection in Pietra di Combe color, offering mountain views through the window.
Percorsi Extra | Pietra di Combe
Sophisticated indoor hydrotherapy pool with wood-effect tiles from the Evoke collection, merging elegance with functionality in a wellness environment.
Cozy relaxation corner with wood-effect flooring from the Evoke collection, harmonizing with the rustic setting and electric fireplace.

Resistance: low-porosity tiles

In the elegant Sporting Hotel in Livigno, the porcelain stoneware tiles for the spa boast an impressive quality: near-zero water absorption. Their low porosity, with an absorption coefficient of less than 0.5%, makes them ideal for wellness areas such as the one in the hotel, where water is present all the time and the high humidity requires materials able to last without deteriorating.

The whole wellness area – comprising a Turkish bath, panoramic sauna, room with salt wall and relaxation area – has been tiled with Percorsi Extra – Pietra di Combe 30x60 cm, featuring pleasant shades of colour that enhance the beauty of the material, and guaranteeing excellent performance in terms of safety and reliability. Robust and inalterable, these tiles also boast impressive resistance to physical and chemical stress.

Thanks to the numerous special trims and accessories, such as edges and pool borders, painstaking attention has been paid to every detail. 

These tiles for spas, with their anti-slip surface and stone-like texture, blend smoothly with the pool, creating an appealing atmosphere ready to enrich the sensory experience of every guest. 

The Sporting Hotel in Livigno has also opted for a distinctive design by combining wood-effect tiles from the Evoke collection and stone-effect tiles from the Percorsi Extra collection.

Stone-effect SPA flooring from the Percorsi Smart Pietra di Bagnolo collection, candlelit for a serene ambiance at QC Terme Dolomiti.
Percorsi Smart | Pietra di Bagnolo

Anti-slip tiles

The Percorsi Smart Pietra di Bagnolo collection, used in the indoor areas of QC Terme Dolomiti, is a celebration of the importance of porcelain stoneware tiles. 

The saunas, the salt room and the Kneipp walk offer a series of regenerating experiences in an exceptional natural setting, in which our modern, compact Pietra di Bagnolo defines the geometry of the spaces. 

These floor tiles for spas, specifically chosen for their intrinsic anti-slip properties, offer resistance that’s vital for areas where water plays a key role. With an appearance that recalls natural stone, these tiles offer a combination of style and safety that makes each surface a functional, reliable design element.

The expressive power of stone-effect porcelain stoneware fosters a deep connection between the allure of architecture and the beauty of the landscape.

Spacious SPA lounge with stylish stone and marble effect tiles, large windows, and comfortable chaise lounges.
Bright SPA interior featuring stone-effect flooring from the Omnia collection, with large sliding glass doors opening onto a deck with panoramic views.
Refined SPA treatment room with onyx marble effect porcelain stoneware, soft lighting, and meticulous details for a luxurious wellness experience.

Versatility and colour fastness

Castello di Casiglio spa is a superb example of the eclectic styles that can be created with  porcelain stoneware. The stone-effect and marble-effect tiles featured here illustrate just how versatile this material is, and its ability to adapt to any kind of interior design thanks to the huge range of effects and colours that can be chosen. Renowned for its exceptional resistance to weather conditions and its colour fastness, this material is perfect not only indoors, but also outdoors, standing up perfectly to the passage of time and environmental stress. Its ability to retain its functional and aesthetic qualities make it a wise long-term investment for all kinds of architectural projects, both indoors, in spas and wellness areas, and in outdoor areas.

Castello Casiglio spa also features elegant marble-effect stoneware tiles from the Onice collection with a vibrant Multicolour surface.

Relaxation area at Six Senses Crans-Montana featuring porcelain stoneware cladding from the Percorsi Smart collection, contemporary design, and textile loungers for pure comfort.
Percorsi Extra | Pietra di Vals
Percorsi Extra Pietra di Vals

Porcelain stoneware tiles for high-altitude wellness areas

In the Six Senses Hotel in Crans-Montana, the porcelain stoneware surfaces in the Pietra di Bagnolo Percorsi Extra collection blend beautifully with the warm, modern architecture of the interiors. These floor and wall tiles for spas take their inspiration from the elegant minimalism of Alpine rocks, complementing the relaxation areas with a grey colour scheme that engages with the natural and artificial light to create a sophisticated, inviting atmosphere. 

The colour of the stone-effect stoneware recalls the quartzites typical of these mountains, and the combination of different sizes of wellness tiles chosen for the area around the pool and for the walls brings a dynamic look to the surfaces.

The wellness area, with the massage booths and the Alchemy room for aromatherapy, feature a combination of the stone-effect Percorsi Extra and natural wood. The veining effects characteristic of Pietra di Vals stone bring a modern, sophisticated appearance to the settings, creating a warm, extremely welcoming atmosphere.

Alpenroyal Hotel interior with chic dark grey spa cladding from the Percorsi Frame collection in Cosmic Black color.
Percorsi Frame | Cosmic Black
Percorsi Frame cosmic black

Spas and wellness centres tiled with porcelain stoneware

The pool at the Alpenroyal Hotel is tiled with stone-effect porcelain stoneware from the Percorsi Frame collection, in the splendid Cosmic Black colour.

The recent renovation of the wellness area has created a setting that reflects the look of the surrounding landscape: simple yet majestic. Light floods in through the large windows, while the stone-effect porcelain stoneware tiles from the Percorsi Frame range blend beautifully with the landscape outside. The dark tones of Cosmic Black bring a touch of elegance to the surfaces of the spa, the bathrooms in the common areas and the outside terraces, for which the 2 cm thickness has been chosen for improved safety and weather resistance.

A preview of your spa: experiment with MatchApp

For spas and wellness centres, where both style and function must be catered to, the innovative MatchApp is a game-changing resource. This intuitive application allows you to upload a photo of your setting and embark on a virtual exploration of how it could be transformed with the various porcelain stoneware tile collections by Ceramiche Keope. MatchApp offers the certainty of being able to view the end result before any actual work is carried out.

Whether you’re a designer, spa manager or simply a wellness aficionado, MatchApp is a digital canvas where you can sketch out settings that team a particular style with maximum comfort. The wide range of effects and colours available will allow you to select the solutions that suit you best, making sure every detail is in perfect harmony with the atmosphere you’re looking for.

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