Percorsi Extra

Percorsi Extra

AMB 60X60 Pietra Di Vals
Percorsi Extra Pietra di Vals
Percorsi Extra Pietra di Vals

The contemporary stone effect of porcelain stoneware

Ceramic material offers an ever-so-perfect take on nature, giving rise to a new generation of original surfaces. A new, ultra-reliable element for contemporary architecture settings, perfect in terms of both technology and appearance. This is Percorsi Extra, our contemporary stone effect tile series suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Wonderfully eclectic, extraordinarily hard wearing, ceramic material takes centre stage in architectural projects.

Colours, sizes and thicknesses

Percorsi Extra is ideal for any contemporary environment, both indoors and outdoors. Four options in several sizes and 3 different finishes that transmit the expressive charisma of a new star on the decoration front. This collection also includes 20mm and 30mm tiles.

Amb.P Di Combe Multiform
Percorsi Extra Pietra di Combe
Percorsi Extra Pietra di Combe
5 Colors
11 Sizes
2 Surfaces
3 Thicknesses

Colours and sizes Percorsi Extra

Choose the color:

Percorsi Extra Pietra di Vals

Formats and surfaces

  • 30x30 - 12''X12'' RT
  • 30x120 - 12''X48'' RT 20mm
  • 45x90 - 18''X36'' RT 20mm
  • 60x60 - 24''X24'' RT
  • 60x60 - 24''X24'' RT 20mm
  • 60x60 - 24''X24'' RT 30mm
  • 60x120 - 24''X48'' RT
  • 60x120 - 24''X48'' RT 20mm
  • 120x120 - 48''X48'' RT 20mm
  • 120x240 - 48''X96'' RT 20mm
  • 30x60 - 12''X24'' RT
  • 60x60 - 24''X24'' RT
  • Structured R11
  • Structured R10