Hotel Six Senses - Crans-Montana,  Switzerland

Hotel Six Senses - Crans-Montana, Switzerland

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The heart of the Valais canton is home to a charming high-altitude establishment: the brand new Hotel Six Senses Crans-Montana, ideal for an immersive experience in the life of the Alps, with a breathtaking view of the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc. A true temple of well-being where you can rejuvenate, Six Senses is the contemporary answer to the old Valais stone chalets.

An excellent example of sustainable architecture, this refined hospitality project gives the Percorsi Extra collection by Ceramiche Keope a key role, with 14,000 square metres of floor and wall coverings in common areas and private rooms.
The intention is to restore comfort and sophisticated elegance through the selection of natural finishes and colours. A tribute to the grey quartzite typical of the Canton of Graubünden in Switzerland, the Pietra di Vals chosen for this reference is also the optimal solution for a structure that lives much of the year in extreme climatic conditions.

From the entrance into the semi-secluded cave to the spacious sun terrace, the settings identify the various levels of a fascinating itinerary - designed by the French architectural firm AW² - that begins in the bowels of the mountain and continues all the way up to the coniferous peaks, in a gradual ascent from darkness to light.

Architecture firm: AW2 Architecture & Interiors Paris 
Designer: Reda Amalou
Photo credits: Roberto Leoni

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The SPA and wellness area

With an area of 2000 square metres in the heart of the facility, the SPA is an important part of the project. The swimming pool, entirely clad in Pietra di Vals stoneware tiles and overlooking a courtyard of birch trees, resembles an underground pool hidden in a cave covered with stalactites (the ceiling is composed of 15,000 carved wooden laths). 
All treatment rooms overlook the Alpine garden and are around the swimming pool, surrounded by small, intimate cabanas. The combination of tiles in different sizes, both for the swimming pool area and for the walls, enliven the surfaces.

The wellness area, including the massage cabins and the Alchemy room dedicated to aromatherapy, is enhanced by the combination of the stone effect of Percorsi Extra and wood, resulting in cosy environments with great allure.

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Outdoor swimming pool and relaxation area

The outdoor swimming pool surrounded by the relaxation area is reminiscent of a placid mountain lake. Here again, the use of Pietra di Vals for outdoor cladding fulfils two main requirements: to connect architecture to native nature and to guarantee the safety of guests. A single size was chosen for this setting with a thickness of 2 cm, and a special installation technique that makes the joints between the tiles more evident. In addition, the swimming pool cladding includes some special customised sizes

The relaxation area is also clad in the same finish as the pool and plays on the unevenness and the alternation of groups of armchairs and steps that are transformed into seats by soft pouffes and cushions. The fire pits break up the grey monochrome that characterises the entire outdoor space.

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Front desk and hospitality area

A tunnel leads directly inside the hotel: the entrance, therefore, is a veritable cave, from which to begin a conceptual journey towards light and an all-round individual wellness path. Six large cowbells are immediately visible in the large reception area: the invitation is to choose one of them, depending on the sense you want to develop, and then continue to discover the structure.

Stone-effect porcelain stoneware and natural wood alternate in cladding the common areas, such as the front desk and the Ora Bar&Lounge. The front desk is a fascinating work, inspired by the great massifs that can be admired through the large windows. The counter is entirely clad with Pietra di Vals in special sizes, as is the wall behind it. A larger size was chosen for the floors in the lounge area. 

In the bathroom, the Pietra di Vals effect covers all surfaces, from floors to the vanity top, and is the ideal choice, as porcelain stoneware is easy to clean, durable, resistant, anti-stain and non-slip. 

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Here, the boundaries between indoors and outdoors blur to offer guests an immersion into the alpine nature of the Valais. The bedroom clad in wood finds its direct counterpoint in the bathroom clad in stone-effect porcelain stoneware. 

The theme of nature and the cocooning effect returns, in an intimate and cosy space where Pietra di Vals is combined with custom-made furniture, local craftsmanship, exposed solid wood and natural fabrics.

Because of its resistance to the coldest temperatures, unalterable appearance and non-slip characteristics, the stone-effect stoneware in 2 cm thickness was also chosen for room balconies.

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Panoramic terrace

The terrace is the last stop on the journey into the light of the Alps. A huge solarium offers an all-around view of the mountain slopes, pine forests and ski slopes. Here, the installation of the tiles alternates between sizes that are more or less narrow: an effect that accompanies the gaze along the entire area and even further into the valley. Also in this room, the Percorsi Extra series is combined with grey furniture, rust-coloured fire pits and natural wood details.

With this project, Ceramiche Keope becomes the spokesperson for an evolved tactile aesthetic that becomes the main tool for creating contemporary spaces capable of enveloping and inviting relaxation. Six Senses - Crans-Montana enriches its portfolio of national and international projects, once again qualifying the company as an exceptional interlocutor for the project world.