Aran Ivory 60X120 - 30x120 Structured R10

Ceramic quartzite tiles

Windblown stone peaks inspire the surfaces of Aran: the tile collection is inspired by quartzite stone, which belongs to silent, Northen landscapes. The versatility of the stone means that architectural spaces are free to blur the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces. Aran sits alongside the most innovative design trends, in a blend of primordial elegance and contemporary energy.

Aran comes in five tile sizes including regular dimensions such as 9.7x60cm, up to 60x120cm slabs with a K2 variant in 20mm thickness for outdoor use. The range expands opportunities for creativity with three special pieces, the UP decoration and two mosaics: the multi-thickness version and the Mosaico 30x30.


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With thanks

Adele C 
Living Divani
Max Design

Four faceted shades -- Ivory, Walnut, Grey and Silver -- mark the settings in which they’re used with a discrete but defined matt coating. Surfaces for indoors come in R10 finish; covers for outdoor use come in R11. With its chromatic scale and design, the collection achieves the perfect balance between outer and domestic spaces.

Colors and sizes

Aran Ivory
Structured R10
Structured R11
Aran Walnut
Structured R10
Structured R11
Aran Grey
Structured R10
Structured R11
Aran Silver
Structured R10
Structured R11
Aran Anthracite
Structured R10
Structured R11
60x120 - 24''x48'' RT
30x120 - 12'x48'' RT
60x60 - 24''x24'' RT
30x60 - 12''x24'' RT
9,7x60 - 3 7/8''x24'' RT
60x120 - 24''x48'' RT K2 20mm

The Aran collection is also available in the K2 version in 20 mm thickness in the 60x120 cm size in the colors Aran Walnut, Silver and Anthacite.