White Porcelain Stoneware Tiles

White Porcelain Stoneware Tiles

gres porcellanato effetto marmo bianco (Interno4 - calacatta san babila)
Interno4 calacatta san babila
Interno4 calacatta san babila

White tiles embody a design choice that enhances spaces of any size, creating brightness and a feeling of spaciousness. Porcelain stoneware, which is known for its strength and ability to reproduce different effects, textures and colours, is suitable for various settings, both in the home and in commercial spaces. The introduction of large slabs further amplifies this flexibility, as it minimises visual joints and creates a feeling of continuity for larger, brighter rooms.

This chameleon-like property of white porcelain stoneware lets you explore interior design without boundaries, offering the possibility of recreating the look of natural materials such as marble, stone or wood, or opting for more minimalist and contemporary finishes. This level of versatility opens up endless creative possibilities, transforming spaces and allowing them to adapt to current trends or personal tastes, while always maintaining a basis of elegance and luminosity that only white can guarantee.

Keope E Lux Calacatta Verde
elements lux calacatta verde
Elements Lux calacatta verde

Why choose white porcelain stoneware?

Ceramiche Keope's white porcelain stoneware combines the classic, bright look of white with the high quality technical performance of porcelain stoneware. This material is known for its colour stability, which ensures that the shades of white remain pure and brilliant over time, without being altered by exposure to light or chemicals.

Furthermore, the surface of porcelain stoneware has an exceptionally low porosity, which prevents the absorption of liquids and thus the formation of stains, a particularly important factor in maintaining the beauty of the tiles when first laid.

Keope District White
district white
District White

White porcelain stoneware: effects and finishes

White porcelain stoneware, with its different hues, adapts perfectly to any room in the home with colour combinations that enhance any space. In the bathroom, the warm white shades of the Elements Design collection, with its resin effect, create an elegant and refined contrast with black marble. In the kitchen, brighter, cooler variants promote a feeling of cleanliness and order, while for the living room, a neutral white creates a cosy ambience that is perfect for welcoming and relaxing.

With its White concrete-effect tiles, the District collection is the ideal choice for large spaces such as hotel lobbies, where there is a need for strength combined with research into a clean, modern look. Similarly, the Lineo collection of white wood-effect porcelain stoneware is the perfect choice for those indoor and outdoor spaces where you want to maintain visual continuity while a durable surface with a warm, cosy feel.

Keope Ubik Villa Ivory 60X120 PART VERT 01
ubik ivory
ubik ivory

Porcelain stoneware for outdoors

With its excellent technical qualities, Ceramiche Keope's white porcelain stoneware is also ideal for outdoor applications, combining looks and functionality. The choice of white for outdoor use is a strategic one: it reflects sunlight reducing the accumulation of heat and maintains a visual freshness that adds value to gardens and patios. 

Ceramiche Keope tiles for outdoor use are available in increased thicknesses of 20mm and 30mm, offering superior resistance and optimal performance for terraces, patios and outdoor pathways, where pedestrian traffic and environmental stresses require superior quality materials.

White tiles with a textured non-slip finish are suitable for a variety of outdoor styles: from swimming pool surrounds to courtyards or urban furnishing areas, the understated and uniform matte white blends perfectly with nature and offers visual continuity with the surrounding landscape. White ceramic floors are designed to withstand sudden changes in temperature, frost and the elements, ensuring an outdoor floor that not only looks good but will retain its visual appeal and practical qualities over time.

Keope Lineo White Pav
lineo white
lineo white

White tile collections by Ceramiche Keope

Ceramiche Keope is proud to present an exclusive range of white porcelain stoneware tiles, each with a distinctive character that suits different settings and design styles. Here are just a few:

  • Syntech White - This variant features a white resin-effect stoneware with a crystalline, almost monolithic uniformity, pure and unchanging, offering a surface that is the epitome of modernity and cleanliness.
  • Geo White - Geo White features a white resin-effect stoneware with a more lively and dynamic finish, and subtle, very fine-grained hints that give it a delicate texture and subtle depth.
  • Limes Quartz White - The quartz white stone effect tiles of the Limes collection flaunt a more organic texture, with a wealth of natural variations and subtle veining that evoke the robustness and elegance of quartz stone.
  • Elements Lux Calacatta Statuarietto - This marble-effect porcelain stoneware reveals a luminous white base, criss-crossed by elegant grey veins and hues that faithfully reproduce the prestigious Calacatta Statuarietto marble.
  • Elements Lux Lincoln - The Lincoln colour offers the marble effect with a more subdued and measured white, interspersed with more discreet and diffuse veins that suggest a sense of balance and composure.
  • Elements Lux Calacatta Gold - The Calacatta Gold by Elements Lux presents a marble-effect porcelain stoneware with a radiant white colour enriched by golden and beige veins, creating a subtly luxurious and refined atmosphere.

Match App: visualise your environment in white

Experience the versatility of white porcelain stoneware with Match App from Ceramiche Keope. Upload a photo of your space and let this innovative web-app guide you in the choice of the perfect floor. See the effect of different white finishes, from bright and reflective to opaque and discreet, for your living room or garden. With Match App, you can see how your spaces can be transformed, combining functionality and design to make your dream home a reality.