Bathroom porcelain tiles are the obvious choice due to the unique characteristics of the material. Water resistant, non-deformable, non-slip: porcelain stoneware finds one of its best applications on bathroom floors and walls

Choosing porcelain tiles for your bathroom does not mean giving up on style. This material opens up infinite design possibilities. We can achieve an impactful result through tones inspired by natural materials or dare with the available tile colours. Bathroom no longer means just laying classic small-sized tiles: large porcelain bathroom tiles also perform optimally on both floors and walls. 

In addition, those who love wood, marble and stone will not have to renounce the unique aesthetics of these natural materials: we can choose a marble-effect bathroom, a wood-effect bathroom floor or wall or a stone-effect bathroom. The differences between porcelain stoneware and marble, wood or natural stone are nowadays imperceptible, while ceramic tiles are water-resistant and non-slip.

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News Cersaie 2022 / Geo Beige
News Cersaie 2022 / E.Lux Calacatta Statuarietto
News Cersaie 2022 / Omnia Tivoli Ivory
News Cersaie 2022 / Geo Walnut
Lineo - Sand
Elements Lux - Calacatta
Elements Lux - Calacatta Gold
Elements Design - White
Elements Design - Ivory
Percorsi Extra - Pietra di Vals
Evoke - Moka

Bathroom tiles design and effects ideas

Ceramiche Keope offers an extensive catalogue, composed equally of porcelain tiles collections with a classic style and proposals with a distinctly contemporary look. 

It is the combination of the different effects that makes the bathroom a room of character, capable of following the design of the house with its own style. Do you prefer to have the same bathroom wall tiles on the floor, allowing only variations in colour? Or is there room for the combination of different effects, such as a wood effect on the floor and a stone effect for the walls? The answer lies in the style of each of us, but the colours of our Italian porcelain tiles collections can guide us in these choices that are born to last.

The enveloping warmth of beige tones is a choice with a strong contemporary connotation: we find it in the Moov collection of ceramic tile-effect porcelain tiles, where a Beige laid on the floor in the bathroom can be combined with the lighter Ivory in wall tiles.

Black and white immediately evoke minimalist atmospheres, but if we think of marble-effect porcelain tiles, the link with a classic contemporary style is immediate. The Port Laurent colour of the Elements Lux marble-effect porcelain tiles collection lends elegance to the room through the refined patterns of marble. The lighter Calacatta Gold, another shade in the Elements Lux collection, takes us back to light, ethereal tones with gold-inspired veining. Modern and classic meet.

If you don't want to give up the enveloping warmth of wood in your bathroom, the Evoke collection offers a range of colours from the lighter Evoke Ivory to the intense Evoke Moka. With wood-effect porcelain tiles on the floor, there are no limits to the design of the walls: from marble-effect porcelain tiles to concrete and natural stone, every combination can recall different Ages and styles, from yesterday and today.

Brystone - Ivory
Brystone - Ivory
Elements Lux - Persian Grey

Bathroom floors and walls with Keope collections

A versatile material such as porcelain tiles is often installed in floors throughout the home, in continuity with functional areas such as the bathroom. Alternatively, the choice of installing different collections or colours on the floor, to distinguish the different areas of the house, is designed with consistency between the colours and styles of the collections.