Commercial floors are the wide category that gathers all the floorings for working places or open to the public: let's see together, through the Ceramiche Keope catalogue, some examples of office and shop floors; let's also discover the technical details that all commercial floors have in common, from the most scenographic hotel flooring to the practical restaurant kitchen floorings.

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Lineo - Brown
Lineo - Walnut
Moov - Ivory
Elements Design - White
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Chorus - White
Ikon - White
Percorsi Extra - Pietra di Barge

What options for different commercial floors?

Floors for shops and coffee bars are the most classic applications in the commercial sector. In fact, in shops, coffee bars and shopping centres and parks there are many characteristics of public places that must be taken into consideration when choosing the floor: together with the high number of customer traffics, which requires special technical attention to avoid annoying accidents, we find the search for a design capable of telling the story of the place.

Porcelain tiles floors for these highly trampled spaces, characterised by heavy foot traffic, is generally the choice that can reconcile both aspects. In a place open to the public, we are going to install a material that will remain unchanged over time, which does not lose its colour and shine when it is frequently walked on. Easy maintenance is also a major requirement: it is essential to install a floor that is durable and easy to clean. The marble-effect porcelain tiles of the 9Cento collection, for example, restore the charm and shine of marble through the practicality of porcelain tiles.

When selecting a flooring for a hotel, we will follow similar principles to those illustrated for shops and coffee bars: choices with impact, which do not put practicality and easy maintenance in second place. One of the Ceramiche Keope collections in marble-effect porcelain tiles is Elements Lux, which from the smallest size to the largest slabs conveys the elegance of classic marble in places open to the public.

Hotels and restaurants also have rooms where access is denied to customers and where the flooring must meet additional technical requirements compared to those listed for shops and coffee bars: just think of kitchen floors in restaurants, places where, in addition to resistance and ease of cleaning, other factors relating to safety must be considered. We know that in kitchens it is essential to have a non-slip surface, because of the humidity in the closed environment and the liquids that could fall to the ground, making the floor slippery and dangerous for the safety of the workers, despite the professional footwear. In the Ceramiche Keope catalogue we find proposals characterized by the R11 finish, a non-slip surface ideal for these activities. The R11 finish is available, for example, in the stone-effect porcelain tiles collection Brystone, as well as in the concrete effect of the Noord collection.

Many hotels have special areas dedicated to wellness, such as spas, swimming pools and relaxation areas: in these spaces the style of the environment must be in line with the design of the entire structure, but crucial aspects such as resistance to mildew and non-slip surface cannot be neglected. To discover the performance of porcelain tiles in these special, evocative settings, we recommend you browse through some of our projects: the Spa at Hotel De La Ville in Riccione and the QC Terme wellness facility in Val di Fassa.

Finally, a look at office floorings: offices must also comply with safety rules, with a focus on non-slip surfaces. Every office has its own style, which can be developed through the classic atmospheres of a wood-effect flooring created with the Evoke collection or, on the other hand, with the contemporary appeal of a concrete-effect flooring such as that of the Ikon collection.

Evoke - Sand
Interno 4 - Calacatta San Babila

The Ceramiche Keope catalogue for commercial floors

We have mentioned a small selection of Ceramiche Keope collections for commercial floors: discover in detail the porcelain tiles proposals in our catalogue.