Tiles for fireplace cladding: ideas and trends for a cosy and contemporary living space

Tiles for fireplace cladding: ideas and trends for a cosy and contemporary living space

The fireplace has always played a central role in home architecture, evolving from a mere heat source to a symbol of warmth, comfort and style. Today, it represents a blend of tradition and modernity, where the past meets the future in the heart of the home. In this context, the choice of tiles to cover the fireplace transcends mere functionality, transforming into a real expression of personal taste and style. With its heat resistance and aesthetic versatility, porcelain stoneware is a durable and stylish option for those who want to combine the timeless allure of the domestic hearth with the demands of modern living.

Modern interior design featuring a fireplace clad in ivory beige stone-effect tiles, minimalist furnishings, and a panoramic view.
heritage ivory

Geometric harmony

The image depicts a corner of domestic serenity, where the fireplace covered in stone-effect porcelain stoneware tiles from the Heritage Collection in the colour Ivory stands like a monolith of quiet elegance. The tiles were chosen for their refined durability and warm ivory hue, reflecting a soft light that enhances the overall sense of relaxation in the room. With clean, geometric lines that seamlessly match the colour and texture of natural stone, the fireplace creates a space where design and functionality coexist in perfect harmony.

Stylish living room with a fireplace in gray stone-effect tiles, modern black chair and golden accents.
ikon grey

Contemporary minimalism

Simplicity meets urban elegance in this composition, showcasing a fireplace framed by grey tiles from the Ikon Collection. The enduring modern charm of the grey hue seamlessly blends with the architectural simplicity of the room, creating a space that reflects the current design trends. The cement finish of the tiles adds a touch of solidity and formal cleanliness, while the fireplace’s minimalist design serves as a discreet yet impactful focal point.

Luxurious living room with a fireplace clad in metal and concrete effect tiles, elegant furniture, and gold details.
district silver

The synergy between cement and fire

In this contemporary setting, the wall covered with metal-effect tiles from the Plate Anthracite Collection stands in contrast to the District cement-effect floor in Silver, creating a contemporary and sophisticated ambience that highlights the fireplace as the focal point. The Silver surface engages in a play of light and shadow, serving as a neutral backdrop that reflects light and warmth into the centre of the room.

Cozy living room with fireplace in metal effect tiles, modern yellow armchair, and chic floor lamp
plate precious gold

Fireplace meets precious metal

The image depicts an environment where the lively flames of the fireplace dance across the surfaces of the Precious Gold metal slab from the Plate Collection, which boldly adorns the fireplace. The metal-effect porcelain stoneware tiles create a sophisticated contrast, blending the traditional warmth of the fireplace with the raw, contemporary aesthetics of industrial design. The vibrant and rich Precious Gold shade gives the wall an almost liquid-like appearance, forming an incredibly captivating focal point.

Modern interior with a fireplace clad in gray stone-effect tiles, yellow designer armchair, and floor lamp.
precorsi smart pietra di bagnolo

A traditional fireplace with a rustic stone-effect

Anyone entering this room is instantly transported into a world of timeless elegance and cosy tranquillity by the soothing sounds of a crackling fire and the enveloping scent of burning wood.
The fireplace is adorned with tiles from the Percorsi Smart collection in the colour Pietra di Bagnolo, blending the charm of the past with a modern perspective. The surface of the porcelain tiles closely resembles the texture and appearance of ancient stones found in rural constructions, adding depth and history. At the same time, the fireplace’s lively flames bring a touch of warmth and modern vitality to the ambience.

Sophisticated living room with white marble-effect tiled fireplace, yellow designer chair, and elegant floor lamp.
elements lux calacatta gold

Sculptural radiance

Not just tradition. In this living room, the Elements Lux collection by Ceramiche Keope is expressed in its most elegant essence with the Calacatta Gold colour. The tiles, evoking the majestic beauty of Calacatta marble, introduce a sculptural radiance into the room that emphasises the flickering dance of the fireplace’s flames. The graceful and refined golden veins contrast beautifully against the white background, creating an elegant visual effect. The brightness of the marble effect reflects the light from the fire, visually enlarging the space and infusing a hint of glamour.

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