Guide to porcelain tiles for modern bathrooms: ideas and inspirations

Guide to porcelain tiles for modern bathrooms: ideas and inspirations

Entering the world of porcelain stoneware means unveiling an infinite universe of design options for modern bathrooms. In addition to offering unparalleled resistance to humidity, wear and scratches, this material also offers surprising aesthetic versatility. This guide explores how porcelain stoneware can transform your bathroom into a place not only of luxury and comfort, but a practical answer to everyday challenges. We will explore the various possibilities in terms of effects - particularly the marble effect - and colours including beige and light grey.

Keope Brystone Ivory Bagno
brystone ivory

Modern bathrooms and the advantages of porcelain stoneware

When furnishing modern bathrooms, an increasingly popular choice is that of porcelain stoneware tiles. This material is not only extremely resistant and durable, it offers a wide range of styles that can enrich and customise any room.

Porcelain stoneware stands out for its technical qualities: it is resistant to water, wear and scratching. These advantages make it particularly suitable for use in the bathroom, an environment where humidity and mechanical stress are the order of the day. In addition, being anti-slip porcelain stoneware offers additional safety, reducing the risk of falls.

But it is not only practicality that makes porcelain stoneware an excellent choice for modern bathrooms. Its appearance also plays a fundamental role. Thanks to modern production techniques, porcelain stoneware can draw inspiration from a wide variety of natural materials, such as stone and marble, with surprising realism. This means that you can achieve the sophisticated and luxurious look of these materials, without having to cope with the maintenance issues that they normally entail.

Keope 9Cento Bagno PART 3
9cento alba oro

Bathroom with modern marble effect

One of the most elegant and refined uses of porcelain stoneware is the one that reproduces the marble effect. The marble effect has always been a symbol of luxury and refinement, and today, thanks to porcelain stoneware, it is possible to achieve this precious aspect with minimal maintenance and high strength.

In particular, the 9Cento collection, with its art deco marble effect, offers a wide range of design solutions that blend perfectly with modern bathrooms. This collection reinterprets the beauty of marble in a contemporary key, proposing Palladian patterns in five colours interpreting the exuberant nature of the masters of modern architecture.

Keope Element Design Ivory Bagno 7 Parete Marmo Beige
elements lux crema beige

Beige marble tile bathroom

For those looking for a warm and enveloping atmosphere for their modern bathroom, one of the most elegant options is beige marble-effect porcelain stoneware. With its natural and earthy hues, beige marble adds a sense of warmth and comfort, while maintaining a refined and luxurious look.

Beige porcelain stoneware tiles faithfully reproduce the appearance of marble, with its thin grains and shading, from ivory to honey. This shade is particularly versatile, as it blends harmoniously with different styles of furniture, from modern to classic, and can be combined with a wide range of colours.

Geo Grey Bango
geo grey

Modern light grey bathroom

Light grey has become an increasingly trendy choice in modern bathroom design. It offers a touch of sober elegance and, thanks to its versatility, can be combined with a wide variety of colours and materials. For those who want a cutting-edge, functional and aesthetically appealing solution, light grey porcelain stoneware is an excellent choice.

Ceramiche Keope has several light grey collections that can change the appearance of your bathroom. Light grey porcelain stoneware in the Geo collection captures the essence of modernity, blending technical strength with fine beauty. This neutral yet distinctive colour provides a solid foundation on which to create your personal design for a serene and welcoming space.


The wide range of options that porcelain stoneware offers in terms of style and function makes it an excellent material for modern bathrooms. Whether you are looking for an art deco marble effect, a warm beige or a sophisticated light grey, you will find a solution that fits perfectly into your space with the Ceramiche Keope collections.

Start your journey into the world of porcelain stoneware today, with Ceramiche Keope.
Be inspired by our ideas, create a modern bathroom that reflects your personality and meets your day-to-day needs, also using our MatchAPP, which allows you to play with colours, sizes and effects on a photo of your bathroom.

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