Explore liveliness: coloured bathroom tiles

Explore liveliness: coloured bathroom tiles
Journey Watercolor / bone
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Journey blossom

Coloured bathroom tiles are becoming increasingly popular in the world of interior design, allowing them to infuse personality and liveliness into a space used on a daily basis. The variety of shades and styles available offers a broad range of creative possibilities, so that the bathroom can be transformed into an aesthetically pleasing and functional area.

Keope Noord Silver
noord silver

Porcelain stoneware: an ideal option for the bathroom

Porcelain stoneware proves to be the perfect medium for bringing bathroom floor and wall tiles to life. This material is known for its ability to reproduce colours vividly and authentically, while providing optimal resistance to moisture, stains and mould. The compact structure prevents the absorption of liquids, an important advantage in an environment such as a bathroom. A further advantage of porcelain stoneware is its durability, keeping its colour unchanged even after years of use, unlike other materials that may fade or change colour over time. 

In this way, porcelain stoneware allows you to enjoy the beauty and brightness of the tiles purchased, as if they had just been installed.

Keope Geo Walnut (1)
geo walnut

The trend of coloured tiles

In the world of bathroom furniture, colours play a central role in defining the atmosphere and style of the room. Warm, neutral tones such as beige, grey and white continue to be classic choices for a clean, bright look. However, coloured tiles are emerging as new protagonists, bringing a new dimension of liveliness and character.

Vibrant shades such as sage green, deep blue and terracotta red offer a hint of character and can be adapted to several styles, from modern to rustic. Current trends also show a renewed interest in pastel shades, geometric and flowery patterns, which allow for playful textures and colour accents in bathroom wall tiles.

The strategic use of colour can also influence the perception of space: light and reflective shades can make a small bathroom look more spacious and open, while dark colours can add a touch of elegance and depth.

Keope Plate Titanium
plate titanium

Exploring coloured tiles with Ceramiche Keope

Thanks to the different collections by Ceramiche Keope, a wide range of colour combinations can be explored. From neutral shades juxtaposed with bright colours, to bolder palettes that create striking contrasts, the options are manifold. The pictures of the collections show how each combination can transform the bathroom, making it an aesthetically appealing and customised place.

This bathroom displays a masterful exploration of texture and colour through the use of tiles from the Plate Collection in the colour Titanium, porcelain stoneware with a metal effect. The tiles express an industrial character, and their metallic grey tone is amplified by the combination of deep blue tiles. This combination not only offers a dynamic contrast, but also an original and striking colour intensity.

Chic bathroom with Ubik Walnut slate-effect porcelain stoneware wall and floor, dark wood cabinet, and pink basin.
ubik walnut

Ubik Collection, Walnut colour

This picture shows a refined bathroom that combines modernity and naturalness. Tiles from the Ubik Collection in Walnut colour are in the foreground: porcelain stoneware that emulates the effect of slate stone. These tiles recall the textures of natural stone whose graphic rhythm reproduces natural splits and different, deep textures, with an almost metallic sheen, giving solidity to the room. Their earthy colour and detailed texture create a feeling of warmth and cosiness.

The pastel-coloured wall contrasts with the floor, offering a balanced and harmonious colour palette. This pastel colour, together with the soft lighting from the wall lights, gives the room a feeling of serenity.

Keope 9Cento Bagno
9cento alba oro

Marble-effect porcelain stoneware from the 9Cento Collection, Alba Oro colour

In this bathroom, marble-effect tiles from the sophisticated 9Cento collection stand as authentic ambassadors of style. The choice of the Alba Oro colour conveys a vibrant and luxurious hue, while the subtle veins intertwine gracefully, creating a visual texture that captures the eye and stimulates the mind. Its veins, sometimes fine and sometimes coarse, extend like golden branches tinged with powder pink or orange pigments, in a pattern that never repeats itself.

The brightness and the golden hue of the tiles contribute to defining a cosy atmosphere in this space dedicated to well-being.

Dolmix Dark Particolare 3
dolmix dark

Stone effect tiles from the Dolmix Collection, Dark tone

The style is not only delicate and harmonious. With the stone effect tiles of the Dolmix collection, in the vibrant Dark tone, the room becomes futuristic, in shades of chiaroscuro.

The sparse movement of coloured fragments emerges stronger than ever against a background that perfectly balances black and grey. This porcelain stoneware evokes the robustness and majesty of natural stone, embellished with grey hues and sparkling crystals. 

The colour mixture of the multiform pebbles retains the charm of the original material: shaped by time on the slopes of the Italian mountains, it expresses an unusual aesthetic strength in designing rooms and city spaces. Perfect for adding a touch of contemporary elegance to any room, these tiles represent the perfect balance between aesthetics and practicality.

Final remarks

We browsed the world of coloured bathroom tiles, highlighting how the choice of colour can influence the atmosphere and style of your environment. Keope's various collections offer a rich range of options to bring your space to life, allowing you to find the perfect match that reflects your personal taste.

Undecided on the style for your bathroom?

We invite you to explore the potential of MatchApp, an app that allows you to display in real time the effect of the different Ceramiche Keope collections on your space, by uploading a simple photo of your room. In this way, you can find the right balance between style and colour. 

Your bathroom can be transformed into a place of comfort, relaxation and personal expression.

What are you waiting for? Shoot, save, reshoot and share! 

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