The enveloping and unchanging charm of a tree’s bark is trapped within our wood effect porcelain stoneware. Irrespective of whether we’re talking about exteriors or interiors, wood is a material that lives and that changes the appearance of environment by making it softer and more welcoming. It makes you stop for a minute to watch, just as if you were walking through a wood.

Wood effect porcelain stoneware inspires a feeling of freedom: the beauty of nature and functionality give life to a product that resists time but never loses its charm. Like wooden floors, this beauty has no frills. It’s authentic.

Natural marks, the passing of time: on our porcelain stoneware floors and walls, the wood effect is not just an ‘effect’. It is the result of sustainable and painstaking aesthetic research. It offers value to terraces, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor spaces to immediately create a strong bind with the identity of the space and of the people who live there.

Soul Collection - Wood effect Porcelain Stoneware

NOTE Honey
SOUL Walnut

The natural signs, the passage of time in our wood-effect porcelain stoneware floors and walls, are the product of a sustainable, scrupulous, aesthetic research. Each environment is enhanced, immediately creating a strong agreement with the identity of the space and of those who live it.

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