Trapped within our wood effect porcelain tiles there’s the enveloping, unchanging charm of a tree’s bark. Whether we’re talking about indoors or outdoors, the lively look of wood in ceramic tiles changes the appearance of the environment by making it softer and more welcoming.

Whether on bathroom floors, kitchen walls, bedroom surfaces or even outdoors: the applications of wood-effect tiles are endless. And so are their colours: brown, grey, sand, white and so on, you only have to pick your favourite wood look.


Research and innovation in wood-effect porcelain

Wood effect porcelain stoneware inspires a sense of freedom: the beauty of nature and its functionality give life to a product that resists time without losing its charm. Like wooden floors, wood effect floors has an authentic beauty, no frills.

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Soul Collection - Wood effect Porcelain Stoneware tiles

Natural signs mark the passing of time. On our porcelain stoneware floors and walls, the wood effect is not just an effect: it is the result of sustainable, painstaking aesthetic research. It adds value to terraces, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces. It immediately connects with the identity of the space and the people who live it.


Why wood effect floor tiles?

The beauty of a wood floor, as well as the warmth it gives to rooms—these are among the top reasons usually leading to the choice of real wood. But today, the great versatility of porcelain stoneware allows you to express the potential of your space by overcoming the limits of real wood. Wood effect porcelain stoneware can be used in any environment, besides the domestic one; it’s available in many sizes, it allows installation with and without grout lines, even in the outdoors; it is durable over the years and offers a wide range of stylistic choices.


The identity of our wood effect tiles

  • Ultramod (NEW 2021), modern wood effect floors and walls with unusual and unconventional graphic patterns.
  • Lineo (NEW 2021), natural wood effect tiles with a great expressive power.
  • Beat, with its wood-effect stoneware creating vintage style spaces, characterized by warmth and softness.
  • Evoke, wood effect stoneware with soft textures and strong yet refined graphic variability.
  • Soul, the ideal proposal for warm and welcoming spaces, with a contemporary impression of a vintage spirit that gives depth and charm to the ambiance.


Wood effect porcelain stoneware collections

Also available in large sizes and 20mm-thickness.

Spring 2021 news: new Ultramod and Lineo collections

The path towards continuous improvement is increasingly centered on the cutting edge of production and is now consolidated with two collections synonymous with high quality made in Italy and eco-sustainability.


Ceramiche Keope rediscovers the nobility of wood with Ultramod, a revolutionary and unconventional line capable of enhancing the character and spirit of the woody surface and its rare essences.

Perfect in indoor commercial environments - showrooms, luxury hotels and design restaurants - but also in the most dynamic residential contexts, the 20x120 cm slat format allows the collection to adapt to any type of interior.


To enhance the naturalness of wood with a touch of modernity and create an elegant combination of modernity and tradition, Keope also presents Lineo, a more traditional proposal that is characterized by timeless elegance thanks to its cutting-edge graphics.


Lineo Brown
Lineo Honey
Lineo Sand
Lineo Walnut
Lineo White
Ultramod Cloud
Ultramod Patchwork
Ultramod Design
Ultramod Rose
Ultramod Stripe
Ultramod Walnut
Beat Brown
Beat Ivory
Beat Taupe
Beat Grey
Evoke K2 20 mm
Evoke Beige
Evoke Brown
Soul Blend K2 20 mm
Soul Grey K2 20 mm