EVOKE Beige 20x120 cm, 30x120 cm - nat. RT

Soft texture wood effect tiles

In this wood effect porcelain stoneware tile series the refined tones, the soft texture and the bold but elegant changes in pattern create an aesthetic balance that blends tradition with modernity.

2 tile sizes, two finishes and five tones give life to a versatile creative concept to furnish and bring out the beauty of both interior and exterior environments.

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Pure evocation of the most precious and contemporary types of wood

Colors and sizes

Evoke Ivory
Evoke Beige
Evoke Sand
Evoke Brown
Evoke Moka
30x120 - 12'x48'' RT
Matt R9
20x120 - 8''x48'' RT
Matt R9
Structured R11
15x120 - 6''x48'' RT
Matt R9
30x240 - 12''x96'' RT
Matt R9
6x120 - 2''X48'' RT
Matt R9
3x120 - 1''X48'' RT
Matt R9

The collection Evoke is also available in the K2 version in 2 cm thick in the size 30x120 cm (Sand-Brown)..