Stone effect: primal charm, antique substance

You recognise it at first sight, you appreciate it over time: it’s the stone effect porcelain stoneware.

It reminds us of our Earth, the place where it all began: the stone is an ancient material but it is still alive in metaphors, works of art, and figures of speech. A conglomerate of minerals, details, and veining, giving life to surfaces with ever-changing textures and tones. It was created throughout thousands of years and it will last forever, just like the stone effect tiles made in porcelain stoneware by Keope.

We know that stone does not belong to an established place, that it has no coded shape, but it adapts to the place in which it is. It becomes part of the landscape. For this reason, our natural stone effect porcelain stoneware enters into harmony with its surroundings.


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CODE Anthracite
PERCORSI EXTRA Pietra di Barge
ARAN Silver
ARAN Ivory
ARAN Walnut
ARAN Walnut K2 20mm
MIDLAKE QuartzBeige
MIDLAKE QuartzGrey

Stone effect floor and wall tiles

By means of long and patient research, we have analysed and captured the many souls of stone and have encompassed them in our collections. We have turned them into tiles with different thicknesses for stone effect floors and walls. We address those who love authentic, no-frills style, in which difference matters.

Keope’s collections include indoor and outdoor stone effect ceramic tiles, suitable for floors and walls of bathroom, kitchen, living room, terrace, and other environments. Each collection has its own soul. Each collection communicates the uniqueness of the environment it decorates.

  • Aran, inspired by natural quartzite effect designed above all for highly appealing indoor settings.
  • Brystone, inspired by the calcareous stone limestone, provides the right mixture of aesthetics and naturalness to make each slab a unique piece.
  • Midlake, stone-effect porcelain stoneware with new sizes and top performance for outdoor projects
  • Code, matt finish stone effect tiles, available in an up-to-the-minute palette of colours.
  • Back, the memory of the Belgian Stone, with a newer design.
  • Chorus, collection of porcelain stoneware floors and walls with a Nordic appeal.
  • Suite, the mélange effect of a refined contemporary stone, reproduced in every small detail.
  • Point, the quartzite-inspired natural stone effect, so dynamic and decisive.
  • Alpi, which brings strong and original atmospheres to the outdoors.


Stone effect porcelain stoneware collections

Also available in large sizes and 20mm-thickness.