Lineo Brown 20X120 honey wood effect porcelain stoneware floor

Natural wood effect tiles

Natural wood effects floors and walls give off enchanting sensations of continuity and light that make every room leisurely and cozy. It's pretty evident how, among the thousand qualities of wood, the Lineo tile series emulates its ability to create intimate but dynamic spaces where nature radiates incomparable warmth, here, in the form of porcelain stoneware. Everyday interiors and urban shelters offer privileged comfort to their inhabitants.  

In Lineo the tactile, visual and emotional formal values of tradition are combined with innovative technology to create a collection with great expressive power. The characteristics of porcelain tiles, such as inalterableness, resistance to fire, water and weather mark Lineo's very sustainable life cycle

Wood effect colours and surfaces

The graceful woody colors of Lineo are an enhancement to each indoor or outdoor space, flexibly styled to find affinity with and complement different surfaces. They show 5 chromatic shades that range from the delightful Honey pigments to the snowy hues of White. 

Tile sizes and thicknesses

The main size, 20x120cm, is the precise reproduction of a classic wooden slab and it comes in each color of the collection. The series can be used together or as a complement to the numerous effects offered by the Keope surfaces. 

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This sweet tone flows between the wood-like veins to warm any surface and atmosphere. Soft and pleasant, free from matching bonds, it gives intimacy and balance to domestic spaces.


A summery and docile color, full of resources, gracefully furnishes every room as it blends and plays with other decorative styles while enhancing its own identity.


With its earthy shades, this color adds momentum to every environment and becomes an irreplaceable domestic presence with both a glam and functional character.


The icy color, so pure and ethereal, allows for dynamic chromatic touches: walls and furnishings can dress multiple shades, generating lively contrasts exploring urban and natural inspirations.


An ageless color and a source of intense, natural sensations. It fits any stylistic and material combination—standing out next to neutral shades, wearing a welcoming look alongside the most daring palettes.

Colors and sizes

Lineo White
Matt R9
Lineo Honey
Matt R9
Lineo Sand
Matt R9
Lineo Brown
Matt R9
Lineo Walnut
Matt R9
20x120 - 8''X48'' RT