Ultramod Cloud 20x120 Ultramod patchwork 20x120

Modern wood effect floors and walls

Ultramod is our new modern wood effect tile series for your floors and walls. 

Ultramod summons the late 50s to mid-60s cultural and decorative revolution, where modernism redesigned architectural and domestic comfort once and for all, and where wood became the platform for defining metropolitan spaces. Underpinning this design revolution was a Scandinavian influence and the Arts and Crafts philosophy of making functionality beautiful.

The Ultramod line is perfect for commercial environments - showrooms, offices and luxury hotels - but also for the most dynamic residential contexts to design very modern settings, from the kitchen floors to the bathroom walls.  It combines decorative aesthetics with the comfort and versatility of ceramic wall tiling, with unusual and unconventional graphic patterns that meet the needs of architects and designers. The 20x120 cm plank size allows the collection to be adapted to any type of interior.


Modern wood effect tile colors, surfaces and sizes

Ultramod features brown and beige tiles in different variations. Rosewood, zebrano, walnut, marblewood, ziricote – rare and vibrant woods – are the colors and grains that influence Ultramod’s slender and versatile range in the 20x120cm format. The colors are re-mixed in the Patchwork decoration to form a retro-abstract jigsaw that reinforces the exotic provenance of the original material. 

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Marble-like wood owes this captivating beauty to its origins—the Amazonia, which made it right for luxury furnishing. Highly decorative brown textures makes this a porcelain scene-stealer, with its sinuous lines spreading and twisting along the light background.



An unmistakable visual texture flows along this zebra-like wood surface, based on rare woods from equatorial Africa. Through a skillful cut, the beige background shows off its impressive, perfectly-aligned streaks, stealing the shades to the warmest hues of brown.


Luxuriant Asian and South American woods gave the world the pearl of cabinetry, woods that reveal warm colors in continuous mutation. The fibers stretch and alternate in a riot of brown, ceramic tones, now lighter, now almost purplish - so subtle they look like brush trails.



The artisanal fresh-cut gives the Ivorian wood that very defined and reassuring face - an acknowledged symbol of precious materials. On the base, the tones overlap, letting brown fade into yellow with olive chiaroscuros; brown, almost black, on the sweet and aligned veins.



Fancy wood-like stripes expand and lengthen over rich chocolate planes. By drawing intriguing figures - cobwebs, marbled swirls, puffs of clouds, valleys, and mountain ranges - this species performs as an abstract art gallery close to high-end handicrafts and furnishings.

Colors and sizes

Ultramod Design
Natural R10
Ultramod Stripe
Natural R10
Ultramod Rose
Natural R10
Ultramod Walnut
Natural R10
Ultramod Cloud
Natural R10
Decoro Ultramod Patchwork
Natural R10
20x120 - 8''x48'' RT