Artemis Grey 120x120 cm

Artemis reveals an artistic and sculptural sensitivity, bringing together antique marks and modern-day elements. Marble specks and colored pebbles intertwine and overlap; memory and vision speak through a furnishing surface on which different material worlds find their place and melt into a casually-chic patina with a dual personality.

Sizes and thicknesses

Five formats make Artemis a container for agile and engaging compositional ideas, both for indoor floors and walls. The range of sizes - from the 40x80cm up to the 60x120 and 120x120cm format - goes as far as the architectural imagination allows it.

Colors and surfaces

The Artemis surface, in R9 finish, shines in Anthracite, Grey, Beige, White and Silver. The five nuances spread a soft strength over the graphic mix of retro and contemporary elements: pebbles and signs of wear of the marble stone blend with the tile's compact background, furrowed by delicate veins.

Colors and sizes

Artemis Beige
Matt R9
Structured R11
Artemis Grey
Matt R9
Artemis Silver
Matt R9
Structured R11
Artemis Anthracite
Matt R9
Artemis White
120x120 - 48''x48'' RT
60x120 - 24''x48'' RT
30x120 - 12'x48'' RT
60x120 - 24''x48'' RT K2 20mm
60x60 - 24''x24'' RT K2 20mm
80x80 -32''x32'' RT
40x80 RT - -16''X32'' RT

The Artemis series is available in the K2 20mm thickness in the 60x120 and 60x60 sizes in the Artemis Beige and Artemis Silver colors.