SUNRISE Cabernet 60x60 cm nat. RT

Sophisticated colour options and a variety of sizes, accessories and special trims make the “Sunrise” collection able to offer the perfect furnishing solution for any residential or public setting.
This perfectly reliable, latest-generation, technically sophisticated porcelain stoneware is aimed at the high end of the market, and is perfect for meeting a variety of needs of both private customers and design engineers.

Unusual colours and surprising sizes to create the best solutions for interior design

SUNRISE Quartz 60x60 cm, 20x60 cm - nat. RT
SUNRISE Golden 60x60 cm, 40x60 cm, 30x60 cm - nat. RT
SUNRISE Smoke 30x60 cm - nat. RT
SUNRISE Cabernet 60X60 cm - nat. RT
SUNRISE Coffee 30x60 cm - nat. RT

Colors and sizes

60x120 - 24''x48'' RT
Grip R10
30x120 - 12'x48'' RT
Grip R10
60x60 - 24''x24'' RT
Grip R10
40x60 - 16''x24'' RT
Grip R10
30x60 - 12''x24'' RT
Grip R10
20x60 - 8''x24'' RT
Grip R10