SUITE Beige 60X120 cm. - nat. RT

Ceramiche Keope presents Suite, the new stone effect porcelain stoneware line of tiles for interiors and exteriors that takes its inspiration from porphyry rock.

The detailed texture of this material, along with the unusual opaque shades, give life to a surprising final effect, ideal for both classic style environments and the hi-tech contemporary style.

Result of the constant and attentive research that Ceramiche Keope has always conducted, to develop unique solutions with an excellent technical performance, Suite is an extremely versatile collection, which offers its potential to residential and public design projects.

Available in a trendy colour palette, in line with the latest in terms of interior design, such as Anthracite, Grey, Taupe, Ivory and Beige, this new Ceramiche Keope development offers private purchasers and designers the possibility to create exclusive and customised spaces.

The series is composed of a broad range of porcelain stoneware solutions: from the 120x120 cm extra large size to the 60x120, 30x120, 60x60, 30x60, 20x60, 9.6x60 cm sizes. To complete the line, Ceramiche Keope also offers trim pieces and decorations to take care of every detail, such as: 7.2x60 bullnose, 33x60 glued step, 33x33 glued corner piece, 30x30 cm mosaic and 9.7x60 UP border tile.

With Suite, Ceramiche Keope gives end users and designers a truly effective tool for creating outdoor spaces of great value.

Surfaces reproduce in detail the mélange effect of a refined, contemporary stone. Rhythm and harmony in five shades of urban elegance.

SUITE Grey 120X120 cm. - nat RT
SUITE Taupe 60X120 cm. - nat RT
SUITE Ivory 60X120 cm. - nat RT
SUITE Beige 60X120 cm. - nat RT
SUITE Beige 60X120 cm. - nat RT
SUITE Grey 30X120 3D Trax
SUITE Taupe 30x120 cm nat rt
SUITE Ivory 60x120 cm nat rt
SUITE Anthracite 120x120 cm nat rt
SUITE Anthracite 120x120 cm nat rt

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