K2 is the Keope range of porcelain stoneware floor tile with a thickness of 20 mm, designed for installation in outdoor environments, in commercial, public and residential areas.

With K2, we have perfectly combined the need for practicality in exterior environments with aesthetic requirements: we accept the challenge in residential and public spaces, whilst always keeping in mind the search for the right trends, colours and tactile sensations.

The K2 system guarantees a high performance for walkways and pathways on grass or gravel, for verandas, swimming pools, courtyards, garages, staircases and public areas, thanks to the truly indestructible nature of our 2 cm thick porcelain stoneware.

K2 Grid - Installation system for raised outdoor paving

Posa sopraelevata con supporto - sistema K-Grid
Per l'outdoor
reference Villa Olanda
reference Villa Belgrado
reference Hotel Andreus

The main features of Keope 20 mm thick porcelain stoneware are resistance, ease of installation and cleaning, and durability. In fact, the K2 2 cm system resists abrupt temperature changes, frost, salt, high breaking loads (over 1000 kg per slab) and has excellent non-slip properties (R11). It resists mildew, moss and verdigris treatments.

Choosing Keope 20 mm thick porcelain stoneware allows functional needs to meet aesthetic ones: a resistant material can be beautiful, quality can become warmth and durability style.