Other Colours of Porcelain Stoneware

Other Colours of Porcelain Stoneware

E DESIGN Powder Peach

Be inspired by the colours of porcelain stoneware

Not only white, black and grey Keope offers an assortment of coloured porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles that will transform your rooms into unique and vibrant spaces. From monochromatic options to those adorned with decorative patterns, featuring varying intensities of red, green and blue, Keope's tiles are designed to furnish spaces with originality and add a touch of vibrancy.

TheĀ Match APP will allow you to experiment with Keope's range of colours, expressing your creativity and personality to create refined or bold atmospheres that seamlessly align with any furnishing style.

Coloured tiles: explore the variety of collections with neutral or bright shades.

Encompassing refined shades of green, navy blue, and deep red terracotta, the porcelain stoneware colours suit every style and preference.

The range extends to original hues like mint, verdigris and bright gold, and even includes sophisticated nuances of air force blue. Choose the shade that best matches your environment and let the coloured tiles transform your floors and walls into distinctive and captivating elements. Explore theĀ Discovery stone-effect porcelain stoneware collection inspired by some of Italy's most iconic architectural materials, or the Elements Design collection that recalls the aesthetic details of resin, inspired by major international cities.

E DESIGN Avio Sage

Beyond the traditional colours of porcelain stoneware, uncover the beauty of floral and geometric designs.

Explore Ceramiche Keope's wide range, where the porcelain stoneware collections are not only limited to traditional colours. Discover the Journey collection, showcasing fascinating retro-chic floral tiles available in four distinct botanical-themed wallpaper effect patterns, adding an elegant and versatile touch to your spaces. These decors reproduce flowers and leaves in graphic or watercolour styles. Don't forget to experiment with geometric-style tiles from the GEO collection.