Restaurant Green Sushi – Milan, Italy

Restaurant Green Sushi – Milan, Italy

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The Japanese restaurant Green Sushi rises in the heart of Milan as an urban oasis suspended between East and West. Tropical gardens and exotic woods blend with typical elements of Milanese design from the 1960s, in a concept that aims to create an “other” space in which to relax, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Natural stone-effect porcelain stoneware in the Devix Greige version of the Omnia collection covers floors and walls, creating a beautiful juxtaposition with natural wood laid in a herringbone pattern. The same stone was used to create precious inserts in the downstairs tables. LED wall-washer lighting creates a particularly dramatic effect on the staircase area, which is entirely clad in marble-effect porcelain stoneware. The large slabs of Breccia Tortona from the Interno4 collection are a further reference to the Milanese style of yesteryear, in its most elegant and luxurious expression. 

For this project, stone-effect Devix Greige stoneware slabs were used in the 60x120 size in a smooth version for floors and in Crossing 3D relief for wall cladding. The staircase is covered in Breccia Tortona 120x278 marble-effect stoneware. 

Thanks to: Arch. Nicola Bottoni, Claudia Castelli, Massimo Martinelli and Francesca Garotta, Lend Studio - Lodi 

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