Isolcell company - Laives, Italy

Isolcell company - Laives, Italy


Keope has supplied more than 2000 square metres of material, of 6 different collections, both for the building's façade and for the interior floors: located in the Val d'Adige, this extraordinary reference becomes part of the portfolio of Ceramiche Keope projects, once again attesting to the company's capability of catering for the most diverse requirements of architects and designers.

Characterised by an attractive contrast of colours, the ventilated façade of the building has been created using different colours and sizes of the Moov series, which is distinguished by a soft appearance inspired by concrete materials. For the exterior plinth under the wall, Back in its Brown colour and 75x75 size, has been chosen. The paving outside the entrance and steps feature In&Out Percorsi Extra -  Pietra di Faedis, 60x60, in the structured and non-structured versions.

The rooftop with garden - which is sort of outdoor relax area - features In&Out Percorsi Extra Pietra di Barge size 60x60 cm, in the 2-cm thick version: an ideal solution thanks to its exceptional performance in terms of safety, reliability, resistance and durability, as well as to its excellent resistance to physical and chemical stress.

The interior work areas have been designed to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, thanks to the use of the Evoke collection, a perfect reproduction of the most prestigious and appreciated types of wood. In particular, the Moka tone in the 30X120 cm size has been chosen. This solution skilfully combines aesthetic research and technology as it recalls all the warmth of wood, whilst maintaining the technical performance of stoneware.

Photo credits: Luciano Busani Photography

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