Porcelain Stoneware for Outdoor Spaces

Porcelain Stoneware for Outdoor Spaces

Keope Geo Grey
geo grey
geo grey
Pavimento esterno con piastrelle in gres porcellanato effetto legno miele della collezione Lineo, ambiente naturale con sedie metalliche e vegetazione.
Lineo Honey
lineo honey
Dettaglio di pavimento esterno in gres porcellanato effetto pietra, con poltrona design rosso e tavolino da caffè.
Percorsi Frame Cosmic Black
Percorsi Frame cosmic black
Pavimentazione esterna in gres porcellanato effetto quarzite della collezione Limes con sedie da giardino in metallo.
Limes Quartz Multicolor
Limes Quartz Multicolor
Muro e pavimento in gres porcellanato Noord colore Grey, in un contesto esterno moderno con piscina e vista su giardino.
Noord Grey
noord grey
Terrazza moderna con pavimento in gres porcellanato quarzite beige della collezione Midlake colore Quartz, completa di divani e tavolo da esterno.
Midlake Quartzbeige
midlake quartzbeige

Exploring the potential of porcelain stoneware for your outdoor spaces

Choosing the right flooring material is a crucial aspect when designing outdoor spaces. Porcelain stoneware for outdoor use is recognised as one of the best options available, offering not only superior resistance over other products available today, but also a wide variety of colours and effects that can faithfully imitate natural or other materials such as wood, stone and marble. With this versatility in appearance, porcelain stoneware can be used to create stunning outdoor environments, blending in harmoniously with any setting, from garden and terrace paving to the most elegant entrances, porches, patios and outdoor spaces.

In addition to its beauty and ability to emulate materials such as wood and stone, stoneware for outdoor use has an extraordinary weather resistance, guaranteeing a long lifespan even under frost and sudden changes in temperature. It is thus an ideal choice for those looking for the finest outdoor tiles, suitable for outdoor paving, parks or commercial spaces en plein air, combining functionality and design into single material.

Keope Brystone Esterno
brystone grey
brystone grey

Advantages of porcelain stoneware for outdoor use

  • Durability: able to withstand extreme conditions, from high temperatures to sudden changes in temperature, this material guarantees optimal long-term performance without showing signs of wear or deterioration. Its strength makes it perfect not just for residential areas but also for paving outdoor public spaces and high-traffic areas, where resistance to wear and tear is essential.
  • Non-slip tiles: porcelain stoneware for outdoor use is available in non-slip finishes that ensure an excellent grip, reducing the risk of falls and skidding.
  • Colour stability: UV exposure can cause colours in many materials to fade. Porcelain stoneware, on the other hand, retains its brilliance and colour stability even after years of exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Easy maintenance: the non-porous surface of porcelain stoneware prevents the accumulation of dirt and the proliferation of mould and bacteria, making it quick and easy to clean without the need for aggressive chemicals.
  • Low water absorption: this is a characteristic that prevents frost and the formation of cracks, ensuring the floor's durability even in extreme frost conditions.
  • Wide range of effects, colours and textures: from wood, marble and stone effects to contemporary options such as concrete and resin, the broad range of colours and textures offers endless possibilities for bringing outdoor spaces into harmony with any architectural design.
piastrella da esterno effetto pietra (discovery - ardesia)
discovery ardesia silver
Discovery ardesia silver

The versatility of porcelain stoneware for outdoor flooring

With its extraordinary adaptability, this material can be used in a variety of settings, from terrace floors to balconies, from gardens to driveways, to tiles for outdoor stairs, offering superior technical performance and a stunning visual impact.

Take a look at the urban feel that can be created with the concrete-effect porcelain stoneware by Ceramiche Keope. Ikon, for instance, is available in a variety of shades including beige porcelain stoneware tiles and Noord, which features several nuances including White porcelain stoneware tiles. Both offer surfaces with a contemporary and minimalist look, perfect for paving terraces and modern open spaces.

For those who prefer woody textures, Journey and Evoke display a colour palette ranging from warm Honey wood-effect porcelain stoneware to rich brown. Such variety makes these collections ideal for enhancing porcelain stoneware balconies and relaxation areas with a touch of warmth and cosiness.

The eternal beauty of stone is captured in the Heritage collections, inspired by Portland stone, and Omnia, available in shades such as Rapolano Beige. The surfaces are rich in detail and natural shades, perfect for garden flooring that blends harmoniously into the outdoor landscape.

Finally, the resin effect is embodied in the Geo collection, which offers various shades including grey tiles, which combine the visual elegance of resin with the unrivalled performance of porcelain stoneware. Ideal for anyone searching for outdoor flooring solutions with a fresh, sophisticated design.


Explore the options for your outdoor space with Match App

Match App is a useful tool for designing outdoor spaces when you need to blend looks and functionality into one. This intuitive application allows you to upload a photo of your outdoor space and experiment virtually with the wide range of porcelain stoneware tiles offered by Ceramiche Keope.

Whether you are an architect, a landscape designer or simply an outdoor design enthusiast, MatchApp will be your digital laboratory for creating scenarios that combine beauty, durability and stylistic consistency. With access to a wide selection of effects, colours and textures, you can refine your vision, ensuring that every element plays a part in achieving the outdoor space of your dreams.

Porcelain stoneware for outdoor use:
choosing thickness, finishes and laying for outdoor flooring

The choice of porcelain stoneware for outdoor spaces is not just a matter a preference in terms of looks, but also requires careful consideration of thicknesses, finishes and laying techniques to ensure a floor that is beautiful, practical and durable as well. Among the options available, the 20mm and 30mm thicknesses are particularly versatile and robust, making them ideal for a variety of outdoor applications, from terraces and driveways to gardens and vehicular transit areas.

The selection of finishes is equally important, especially when considering the safety and usability of outdoor spaces. 

Non-slip porcelain stoneware, rated R11, emerges as the preferred choice for most outdoor spaces, and is a perfect combination of functionality and design. R11 outdoor porcelain stoneware tiles, which are proposed by Ceramiche Keope in a variety of collections, have been rigorously tested to offer maximum safety in both residential and commercial spaces, avoiding the risk of slipping in wet or sloping areas.

The chosen laying method is equally important, as it affects the durability, functionality and final aesthetics of the floor. Laying techniques for 2 cm porcelain stoneware for exteriors include:

  • Dry laying on top of existing surfaces: perfect for patios and balconies, makes maintenance easier.
  • Dry laying on grass: ideal for garden paths, maintains soil permeability.
  • Dry paving on gravel: promotes drainage, suitable for car parks and access roads.
  • Dry laying on sand: allows easy installation and adjustment.
  • Raised laying with support: excellent for outdoor areas requiring drainage.

For a more complete and detailed guide, please visit the page on laying porcelain stoneware for outdoor use.