Travertine porcelain stoneware floors: indoor and outdoor solutions

Travertine porcelain stoneware floors: indoor and outdoor solutions

Travertine, a sedimentary limestone rock, crossed the centuries as a testament to elegance and durability. From majestic monuments such as the Colosseum in Rome to modern homes, it has always found a place in the world of architecture. 

The colour of travertine varies naturally, depending on the impurities present during its formation. Colours can vary from white, to light beige, to reddish brown. Travertine may have veins or stripes, thereby each slab has a unique appearance.

However, in this article we will not focus on natural travertine, but on the innovative interpretation of this material: the travertine-effect porcelain stoneware floor. This material skilfully captures the distinctive shades and veining (from whites to beige) of travertine, providing a practical and versatile alternative to traditional natural travertine.

Keope Omnia Tivoli Ivory Esterno
Omnia Tivoli Ivory

Travertine porcelain stoneware

In the contemporary tile industry, technological innovations unveil new expressive possibilities, where porcelain stoneware becomes a medium capable of capturing the essence and beauty of nature. Travertine, with its rich history and distinctive colour, is one of the materials that has been masterfully reinterpreted in this way.

Travertine effect stoneware stands out as a pioneer of these new solutions. Porcelain stoneware travertine tiles exude not only the elegance and naturalness of natural stone, but also its distinctive veining and authentic texture. In this way you can enjoy the refinement of travertine without having to face the challenges of maintenance and durability typical of natural stone.

Keope Omnia Rapolano Beige Esterno
Omnia Rapolano Beige

Travertine in nature

In nature, there are different types of travertine, each with its own unique characteristics, including Navona travertine, Roman (Tivoli) travertine and silver travertine. However, one of the most distinctive is Rapolano travertine, a particular type of travertine that is quarried in Rapolano, near Siena in Tuscany. Its special colour characteristics make this stone unique. Its nuances can give projects a modern yet classically elegant look. It was precisely these peculiarities that provided the inspiration for our Omnia collection, in the Rapolano Beige finish, as can be seen in the picture. Its warm hue and delicate texture make it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, giving any room a traditional and natural touch.

Keope Omnia Romano Sand Vert
Omnia Romano Sand

Travertine-effect stoneware floor tiles for indoors

In interior design, travertine offers a colour range from neutral to warmer tones, making it extremely versatile. This colour versatility allows travertine floors to be applied in different settings, whether modern, rustic or classic.

The image evokes an atmosphere of serenity thanks to the elegant travertine-effect stoneware floor. The Sand shade of the Omnia collection, a perfect blend of sand and beige, brings to mind natural, earthy landscapes, offering a cosy and welcoming setting. This floor not only recalls the wonderful colour nuances of authentic travertine but, thanks to its properties, traps the natural light entering through the large window pane and diffuses it into the room, amplifying the feeling of space and brightness.

Keope Omnia Rapolano Beige Vert
Omnia Rapolano Beige

Travertine porcelain stoneware Omnia collection Rapolano Beige

Imagine a living room enveloped in the warm essence of Rapolano travertine. The stone-effect porcelain stoneware of the Omnia collection, in Rapolano Beige, lends itself wonderfully to this vision. The floor captures natural light, reflecting earthy tones that enhance the surrounding furnishing elements. The tiles in this collection offer not only a touch of nature, but also a refined design, making every space both functional and aesthetically appealing.

Keope Percorsi Frame Travertino Beige Esterno
Percorsi Frame Travertino Beige

Travertine tiles for outdoors

Porcelain stoneware for outdoors combines the elegance of travertine with durability for outdoor spaces. This material is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also resistant and antislip, ensuring safety and durability.

Imagine a serene atmosphere where the sun rays illuminate your outdoor space, highlighting the natural shades of beige Travertino tiles. The Percorsi Frame collection enhances the brightness and breadth of the space, to enjoy every moment outdoors in peace.

Omnia Tivoli Ivory

Omnia Collection colour Tivoli Ivory

In the picture, we can see the future headquarters of Ceramiche KEOPE, an example of the use of travertine-effect stoneware from the Omnia collection in the Tivoli Ivory colour. This variant, in particular, enhances the typical details of travertine. The layers typical of natural stone emerge delicately in this shade. Ivory is a light and luminous shade, where milky white combines perfectly with a particular warm grey tone, which becomes more intense and defines the veins.


Choosing the right floor can radically transform a room, whether it is the comfort of your interior or the outdoor space where you like to relax and enjoy nature. The collections we have explored, such as the essence of Rapolano travertine or the light shades of beige travertine of Percorsi Frame, have the power to enhance a room, offering a perfect balance between beauty and functionality.

If these options have sparked your curiosity and you are wondering how they might look in your space, we invite you to try MatchApp. This innovative app allows you, with a simple picture of your environment, to visualise in real time how each Ceramiche Keope collection could transform your space. It is an exciting and practical way to imagine the endless possibilities and find the perfect combination for you.

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