Ideas for tiling bedroom walls

Ideas for tiling bedroom walls
Taupe cement-effect wall tiles from the Elements Design collection, showcased in a setting with a dark wood cabinet and golden accessories.
Elements Lux Calacatta Gold | Elements Design Taupe
Elements Design Taupe

The choice of coverings for the walls of the bedroom can radically impact the atmosphere and appearance of the setting. It’s essential to consider the dimensions of the room, which will allow you to visually optimise the space. Large-size tiles can make a small bedroom look bigger, while decorative tiles can add character without overloading the environment. 

Another crucial aspect is the position of the bed. Placing it against the wall opposite the door not only creates an immediate focal point upon entry, but also makes the room easier to get around. If chosen and positioned carefully, the bedhead can be a design element that reflects personal taste, and be coordinated with the wall coverings to create a smooth style.

When it comes to light, it’s important to consider how it interacts with the colours and textures of the tiles chosen. Pale tones and reflecting surfaces can make a dark room appear brighter, giving it a more inviting, relaxing feel. The use of tiles with interesting textures can add a level of detail that captures the light in unique ways, making for a richer visual experience and helping to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll be taking a detailed look at how different effects, colours, shapes and sizes of porcelain stoneware tiles can define and enhance your bedroom, offering creative, practical ideas for makeover projects.

Modern bedroom featuring wall tiles from the Journey Blossom collection, with a blue headboard and bedding in shades of gray and blue.
Journey Blossom
Journey Blossom

A world of colours and textures

When it comes to choosing wall coverings for the bedroom, it’s essential to consider how colours and textures can influence the atmosphere. The use of tiles that mimic natural materials such as marble, stone or wood can add a touch of elegance and warmth, while finishes reminiscent concrete are ideal for a rigorously contemporary look. As regards colours, relaxing tones such as beige, white and other pastels are especially suitable for a bedroom. Colours like these not only make the space look bigger, brighter and more airy, but also help foster a sensation of calm, ideal for creating a restful environment.

By incorporating these elements into the wall behind the bed, you can create a relaxing focal point that boosts sleep quality. The combination of relaxing colours and rich textures shapes a calm, inviting atmosphere that turns the bedroom into your very own comfortable, peaceful space.

Elegant bedroom with a wall featuring beige marble-effect porcelain tiles from the 9cento collection, beside a bed with gray bedding.
9Cento Aurora Beige
9cento Aurora Beige

The importance of sizes

Tile size is a crucial factor in determining the appearance and perception of space in the bedroom. With their clean lines and ability to create a seamless look, large porcelain stoneware tiles, such as the 120x278 cm size, are ideal for modern, minimalist bedrooms. By reducing the number of visible joints, these tiles help create an almost continuous surface, for a tidier, more spacious look.

Smaller sizes, on the other hand, are perfect for creating elaborate patterns or decorative effects, such as geometric or mosaic designs, which can add character and an interesting visual touch to any bedroom. The possibility to experiment with different patterns and sizes allows you to bring a uniquely personal touch to the setting, by adapting design to your own tastes.

Wall featuring geometric marble tiles from the Interno 4 Breccia Tortona collection, adorned with sculptural objects in gold and silver.
Interno 4 Breccia Tortona
Interno4 breccia tortona

Decorative and geometric tiles

To bring a distinctive touch to the wall behind the bed and make it a focal point of the room, decorative and geometric tiles are an ideal solution. Tiles with geometric patterns create a modern, orderly sensation, while the addition of decorative tiles with floral patterns can add a touch of vibrant, natural elegance. This type of design is not only eye-catching, but is also a statement of individual character, through the choice of patterns and colours.

The combination of different textures and finishes can further enhance the wall behind the bed, turning it into a work of art that embellishes the whole room. Whether you opt for a bold composition that uses vibrant colours and intricate patterns, or a more sober approach, with neutral tones and linear designs, the aim is to create a setting that’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but also fosters a sense of well-being and harmony.

Custom choices to optimise lighting

Lighting is essential to enhance the tiles in the bedroom, playing a key role in the visual perception of colours and textures. An intelligent use of natural light can amplify the beauty of tiles during the day, while artificial lighting, such as spotlights or LED strips, can be used to highlight specific details of the wall behind the bed in the evening.

The combination of natural light and custom lighting solutions allows you to create a relaxing, versatile look that’s perfect at any time of day. Adding dimmers boosts this flexibility further, allowing you to modulate the intensity of the light as required.

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