Floral and geometric inspiration: discover our stoneware decorative tiles

Floral and geometric inspiration: discover our stoneware decorative tiles

When choosing floor and wall coverings for the home, decorative porcelain stoneware tiles offer the ideal balance between design and strength. These tiles are very popular due to their ability to improve the appearance of any space.

In addition to being a beautiful gem, decorative tiles transform the essence of a space, adding warmth and elegance. They are not reserved only for some corners of the home but will stand out in any living or commercial space, from the bathroom to the kitchen, from the small shop to the trendy bar, unleashing all the magic of beauty and function.

Keope Geo Silver
geo silver

Decorative wall tiles: the new frontier of interior design

In recent years, the walls of the home have become real canvases on which we can express our own style and creativity. And here, decorative tiles have proved to be among the most precious allies for those who want to give a distinctive appeal to their spaces.

One of the most popular trends is the use of decorative coverings. We’re not just talking about bathrooms or kitchens, but about living rooms, corridors and bedrooms that can state their personality with these tiles.

Decorative wall tiles are perfectly suited for this purpose, offering an infinity of designs, colours and patterns. From classic to modern, from geometric to floral, you are really spoiled for choice. This type of covering not only makes the room more attractive, but also protects it from wear and tear of time, thanks to the strength of porcelain stoneware.

Keope Geo Walnut
geo walnut

Decorative bathroom tiles

Decorated porcelain stoneware is not only an aesthetic choice for your bathroom; it is also a practical and durable solution. The bathroom is one of the rooms in the home most exposed to humidity, with continuous changes in temperature and frequent contact with water. These factors can quickly deteriorate inferior quality materials.
The properties of porcelain stoneware make it able to resist humidity, avoiding problems such as the formation of mould. Its compact surface also makes it less susceptible to dirt accumulation and scratches, ensuring a long service life even in with intense daily use.

This traditionally intimate and functional space can be transformed into a real design manifesto and a place to regenerate thanks to decorative tiles.

Geometric tiles are perfect for those who want to add a touch of modernity to their bathroom. Not only straight lines and precise angles, but also sinuous shapes and original designs. With their rhythms and repetitions, these patterns add dynamism and movement to the room.

Keope Journey Bone 01
journey leaves

Decorative kitchen tiles

Decorative tiles with floral motifs bring to mind the harmony and delicacy of nature. From the romantic appeal of roses to the most exotic and tropical designs, the various shades and designs available offer a wide range of options to give that extra touch to your kitchen.

Easy to clean and maintain, floral tiles are an ideal solution for those who want to combine beauty and function.

Decorative tiles for the bed wall

In contemporary décor, the wall behind the bed plays a lead role. The latest trend sees the use of decorated porcelain tiles to create a focal point in the room. 

Floral designs, for example, give a natural touch to the room, turning the wall into a blooming garden. For those who love a more modern style, abstract geometries and patterns can create a dynamic and contemporary look.

Be inspired by our journey into decorative tiles

The home is our shelter, the space that reflects our personality and our desire for beauty. In this context, decorative tiles become the true protagonists, capable of transforming and defining any environment with a dash of unparalleled style. Whether you love the clean lines of geometric shapes or the timeless charm of floral motifs, porcelain stoneware offers solutions that meet every taste.

Let's not forget that, although beauty is essential, functionality and durability still deserve our attention and consideration. With decorative porcelain tiles, you can be sure to have both.

With the Ceramiche Keope MatchAPP, you can explore and see how the different collections could adapt to your spaces, offering a touch of essential inspiration for your next renovation project. 

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