Christmas in style: harmonious festive designs with indoor tiles and decorations

Christmas in style: harmonious festive designs with indoor tiles and decorations
Un Caminetto Classico Circondato Da Candele E Verde Creato Con L Ia Generativa

With its rich history of traditions and decorations, Christmas offers an endless wellspring of inspiration for interior design. Centuries ago in medieval England, Christmas was a 12-day celebration filled with revelry, feasts and processions, enhanced by decorations, gift exchanges and music. In Germany, where the Christmas tree tradition originated, it became customary to decorate the green branches of fir trees with candles and gifts. This custom gained popularity worldwide during the 19th century, courtesy of the British royal family. Lights have always played an important role in these festivities. Today’s Christmas lights can be traced back to the German candle tradition, with the first electric lights emerging in 1882.

Elegant interior with dark marble walls and festive Christmas decorations on a modern side table.
9cento Ombra Moca

The ambience of Christmas is intrinsically linked to the colours we select to decorate our homes. Christmas colour trends have evolved over time, reflecting both fashion trends and our collective mood. For example, in 2021, Christmas featured tones of emerald green and gold, whereas in 2022, there was a return to tradition with classic red and white colours complemented by touches of pink and Victorian blue. 

These colour schemes can be used to create a charming and modern Christmas ambience by combining indoor tiles and decorations. The versatility of porcelain stoneware facilitates the incorporation of these shades, ranging from classic to contemporary tones. This helps create a unique and cosy festive atmosphere in any room.

Wood-effect porcelain stoneware infuses the cosy warmth of the festive season into spaces aiming for a homey feel. Those with an adventurous spirit looking for an avant-garde Christmas can try metal-effect surfaces, whose futuristic reflections beautifully complement bright colours and unconventional decorations.

Elegant Christmas arrangement on the marble surface of the Elements Lux collection, featuring candles and festive decorations.
Elements Lux

Elegant simplicity: how to create a festive atmosphere with few details

Amidst the lively festivities of the holiday season, the colours and surfaces offered by Ceramiche Keope seamlessly unite in a delightful harmony, turning spaces into vibrant settings where the distinctive shapes and colours of Christmas come alive.

For those who love elegance and glamour, marble-effect porcelain stoneware offers a luxurious setting. In the Elements Lux collection (pictured), the white-veined surface serves as a canvas for the striking presence of gold and silver decorations. Modern ornaments and glossy accents are tastefully reflected here, creating a visual symphony that celebrates the fusion of luxury and tradition.

Festive living room with fireplace, Noord white tiles, and Christmas decorations in red and silver.
Noord White

In a contemporary living space, the white concrete-effect floor tiles from the Noord collection beautifully complement the Ceppo Grey wall tiles from the Omnia collection, creating an aesthetic standard of refined sophistication. The cool, relaxing colours of these tiles provide an ideal backdrop for the vibrant hues of the Christmas decorations. This contrast creates a delightful interplay of colours that catches the eye and warms the heart.

Cozy kitchen with grey porcelain tiles of Brystone collection, traditional Christmas decorations, and natural wood accessories.

In the heart and soul of the home – the kitchen, the stone-effect tiles from the Brystone collection transcend practicality to embrace the magic of Christmas. The earthy, natural tones of the tiles blend harmoniously with the green decorations and red berries, imparting a sophisticated yet rustic ambience to the space. Every Christmas decoration, from silver centrepieces to golden garlands, gleams against the stone-inspired background, celebrating the fusion of exquisite festive traditions and contemporary functionality.

Elegant lounge with Evoke collection wood-effect flooring in Beige, ivory armchair, and vintage coffee table.
Evoke Beige

To infuse a welcoming and cosy atmosphere into spaces, the Beige-coloured wood-effect tiles from the Evoke collection harmonise with the wood crackling in the fireplace, the hanging mistletoe branches and the natural garlands that gently embrace the soft lights. This combination captures the spirit of a traditional Christmas.

Bring harmony to your spaces with MatchApp

To conclude, we invite everyone to discover the endless possibilities offered by Ceramiche Keope’s MatchApp, which now features a new Christmas ambience for creating unique combinations. With just a few taps, you can explore different tiling options, and watch your space transform in real time. This tool not only makes it easier to choose the most suitable product for your requirements but also makes the design process more interactive and engaging.

May the warmth of this festive season bring joy to your homes and brighten your days with happiness. Wishing you a peaceful Christmas and a fantastic New Year. Happy Holidays to all!

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