The beauty of stone-effect tiles for outdoors

The beauty of stone-effect tiles for outdoors

Choosing tiles for outdoor areas involves seeking to strike a smooth balance between beauty and function. This article takes a look at stone-effect tiles for outdoors, which offer a perfect combination of the two, teaming the elegance of nature with the superb performance of ceramic material. 

Made from porcelain stoneware, these tiles are specifically designed to rise to the challenges posed by outdoor areas, combining resistance and low maintenance with an appealing appearance.

Outdoor porcelain tiles with a stone effect, arranged on a green lawn.

Performance and style: the role of thickness in outdoor tiles 

Thickness plays a key role in the choice of porcelain stoneware tiles for outdoors, striking a balance between technical performance and style. Porcelain stoneware, and specifically the 20mm and 30mm tiles, boasts exceptional resistance, making them ideal for use outdoors. 

The system guarantees excellent bending strength and resistance to:

  • breaking loads

  • temperature changes 

  • salt

  • mould, moss and copper sulphate treatments 

20mm-thick tiles can be dry-laid directly on gravel, sand or grass, obtaining paving that can be walked on immediately, without the need for screed or the use of glue or mortar. 

Alternatively, they can be glued to screed in the traditional manner, guaranteeing excellent bending strength for surfaces that can be driven over. 

To guarantee maximum efficiency and duration for your outdoor tiles, we suggest you consult our detailed guides on cleaning and laying porcelain stoneware tiles with a thickness of 20mm and 30mm.

Stone effect outdoor tiles with green wire chairs and a gold coffee table under terracotta arches.
Dolmix Grey
dolmix grey
Outdoor area with light porcelain tiles, rattan chairs, and a side table, set among lush greenery.
Discovery Leccese Ivory
Discovery leccese ivory
Outdoor living space featuring grey stone effect tiles, contemporary furniture, and garden views.
Ubik Ivory
ubik ivory

The beauty of the stone effect outdoors

Stone-effect porcelain stoneware tiles for outdoors are a style choice that enhances the value and appearance of any outdoor living space. With its varied shades of colours inspired by natural stone, this material offers an authentic atmosphere that blends smoothly with the surrounding environment. Stone-effect flooring for outdoors is a versatile choice that adapts effortlessly to both modern and more traditional settings, enhancing the look of areas such as terraces, porticoes and garden paths, while in the city it brings a distinctive element of design to pavements and urban furnishings, as well as adding a special touch of elegance to pool surrounds. 

With a colour range comprising both warm and cooler shades, stone-effect tiles are designed to last, maintaining their visual appeal intact over the years.

Hotel garden with porcelain stoneware tiles and a mountainous backdrop.
Percorsi Extra Pietra di Barge
Percorsi Extra Pietra di Barge
Sophisticated outdoor setting with Percorsi Extra stone effect tiles, black rattan furniture, and lush greenery.
Percorsi Extra Pietra di Combe
Percorsi Extra Pietra di Combe
Stylish terrace featuring grey porcelain stoneware tiles, complemented by fabric and wooden outdoor furniture, encased by stone walls and glass.
Percorsi Extra Pietra di Vals
Percorsi Extra Pietra di Vals
Revitalized Piazza Campigliano featuring various tile formats from the Point collection, showcasing an engaging and modern design.

Ceramic paving with a stone texture for outdoor areas

Stone-effect tiles bring a distinct touch of elegance to gardens. A fine example are those of the Andreus Hotel, where the Pietra di Barge Percorsi Extra collection blends beautifully with the surrounding greenery, enriching the outdoor area with a natural, sophisticated look. 

In the Biafora resort, the use of the tiles from the Pietra di Combe Percorsi Extra collection have turned the patio into an elegant welcome area, demonstrating the versatility of these surfaces in convivial and connecting outdoor areas.

On the Six Senses terrace, the Pietra di Vals Percorsi Extra collection embodies a perfect blend of design and function, with tiles that highlight the linear architecture of the resort, conveying a discreet sense of luxury. 

Lastly, the multi-format laying pattern created using the tiles in the Point collection in Piazza di Campigliano in San Cipriano Picentino is a perfect example of how porcelain stoneware can be used to enhance public settings, bringing a lively touch of character to outdoor urban areas.

Bright interior with beige tiles flowing seamlessly outdoors, visually connecting the indoor and outdoor spaces.
Heritage Beige
Heritage Beige
Seamless indoor-outdoor design with grey stone effect tiles bridging a stylish indoor living area to a contemporary terrace.
Brystone Grey
brystone grey
Open and airy space highlighted by Geo collection tiles in Silver color, defining the elegance of an indoor dining area extended towards a lush outdoor setting.
Geo Silver
geo silver
Contemporary communal area with beige tiled flooring, furnished with light wood tables and chairs, overlooking an outdoor garden through expansive glass windows.
Plate Zinc
Plate Zinc

Matching flooring for indoor and outdoor areas

When it comes to urban and domestic décor, stone-effect flooring offers a smooth, stylish solution that naturally embraces both indoor and outdoor living spaces. This versatile material can be used to create stylish, designer indoor-to-outdoor looks, with stone-effect wall coverings smoothly complementing interiors, thus extending the perception of space and creating an open, flowing effect. Choosing the same type of wall coverings allows living spaces to engage with their surroundings, in an interplay of matching materials that are both practical and beautiful.

Reveal the potential of your settings with MatchApp

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