Strength and safety: ideas for covering your pool with porcelain stoneware tiles

Strength and safety: ideas for covering your pool with porcelain stoneware tiles

In the dynamic panorama of modern design, swimming pools have become much more than a place of leisure; they are often one of the most refined and personalised corners of our homes, a true symbol of refinement and innovation. Swimming pool tiles have become the real stars in transforming outdoor spaces. With materials like porcelain stoneware, today we can build pools that are not only beautiful to look at but are also durable and safe.

Architects and designers are exploring a wider range of colours and materials, embracing new trends and effects. That's where porcelain stoneware comes into play: with its wide range of finishes, from concrete to stone and wood, it offers endless possibilities to capture these new trends.

Although aesthetics plays a fundamental role, it cannot be the only criterion used to choose pool tiles. In this article, we will find out why porcelain stoneware has gained the top place in the choice of tiles and how it has led to some extraordinary swimming pool designs.

Ikon Beige P Bressa K2

Why is porcelain stoneware the ideal material for swimming pools?

The first and most obvious advantage of using porcelain stoneware is its beauty. Thanks to the ability to perfectly emulate natural materials such as concrete, stone or wood, porcelain tiles are able to create an authentic and refined look. This means that we can enjoy the beauty of surfaces such as stone or wood without having to cope with the maintenance and durability issues that these materials can have.

But there's more: the strength of 20 mm and 30 mm thick porcelain stoneware for outdoor use is unsurpassed. It is resistant to chemicals, scratches, is non-absorbent and, above all, is anti-slip. This makes it ideal for use in swimming pools.

The advantage of anti-slip tiles

When we talk about swimming pools, safety always comes first. Water can make surfaces dangerously slippery. This is where anti-slip porcelain stoneware proves its value: designed specifically to provide a solid grip, even on damp surfaces, it ensures safe and confident steps around the pool area.

Porcelain swimming pool tile ideas

Choosing the right tiles can transform a pool from ordinary to extraordinary. Here are some examples of swimming pool projects that use porcelain stoneware to create fascinating and safe environments.

Keope Discovery Leccese Taupe
discovery leccese taupe

Renewed tradition with Discovery

The Discovery collection carries us into picturesque Mediterranean villages, where every corner tells a story and every street reveals a secret. With its stone-effect porcelain stoneware in Leccese Taupe colour, this series brings to light shades that pay tribute to the ancient stones of these sun-kissed lands.

moov grey

Urban elegance with Moov

Concrete tiles add a touch of urban elegance. This choice is perfect for those looking for a modern design without compromising on durability and safety.

DJI 0103
midlake quartzgrey

The discreet luxury of Midlake

For a pool that exudes luxury and sophistication, there's nothing quite like the Midlake collection. Its stone-effect porcelain stoneware in quartz grey immediately elevates the surrounding environment.

Percorsi Villa Mika Bracisland Cro 04
percorsi extra

Elegance and class with Percorsi Extra

The villa in the photo below stands out for the elegant use of the Percorsi Extra collection. This eclectic yet remarkably strong choice, with its natural veins typical of stone, gives the home an aura of refinement.

Porcelain swimming pool tiles: a reliable choice

In the contemporary world, swimming pools have become an artistic element, an extension of the expression of home design. The collections presented in this article represent just a taste of the potential of porcelain stoneware in the swimming pool world. Each collection tells a story, harmoniously combining tradition and innovation.

Come and explore our collections, using MatchAPP to find out how you can turn your pool into a masterpiece.

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