Outdoor floors: ideas for transforming your outdoor space

Outdoor floors: ideas for transforming your outdoor space

The choice of the ideal outdoor flooring can make a difference between a simple outdoor space and a welcoming, high-class area. Porcelain stoneware stands out for its unbeatable quality: resistant to atmospheric agents, wear and humidity. Thanks to new technologies, porcelain stoneware can be inspired by natural materials such as wood or stone, creating incredibly realistic details and textures.

Let’s take a look at the latest trends for modern outdoor floor coverings, like the wood-effect with its warm shades and neutral colours. You will also find some advice and ideas for enhancing your garden, pathways and terraces with the right flooring, perfectly blending colours and formats into the surrounding landscape.

Porcelain stoneware outdoor floors

Modern outdoor floors in porcelain stoneware stand out for their unmatched quality. Porcelain stoneware is extremely resistant to frost, thermal shock, wear and humidity, making it ideal for outdoor settings affected by different climatic conditions. Its compact structure and firing at high temperatures make it extremely durable, while new technologies create unique details and textures, imitating natural materials like wood and stone to perfection.

Keope Noord Gold 60X60 Amb 9B
Noord Gold

The latest trends in modern outdoor flooring

The latest trends for modern outdoor floors include effects that faithfully reproduce natural stone, with warm hues and realistic shades that add warmth and elegance to outdoor spaces. Other popular trends include neutral colours, like greys and taupe, which adapt perfectly to any architectural or decorative style. Large, rectangular formats are particularly popular, as they add breadth and a modern appeal to the space.

Keope Percorsi Frame Gneiss Grey Esterno
percorsi frame Gneiss Grey

Outdoor floors in stone: beauty and practicality

Stone-effect porcelain stoneware outdoor floors offer the perfect combination of natural beauty and practicality. Compared to natural stone, these floors offer considerable advantages, including economic savings and easy maintenance. Porcelain stoneware is a more accessible solution, without compromising on the appearance and elegance of stone.

The diversity of colours, formats and thicknesses available for stone-effect porcelain stoneware allow you to choose from a wide range of solutions, creating a bespoke floor that suits your own style. For example, the Percorsi Frame collection, also available in 20 mm thickness which is ideal for outdoor floors, comes in elegant shades of grey and beige, adding a touch of class to your outdoor space. With stone-effect porcelain stoneware, you will have the freedom to create a customised floor, making your outdoor space a designer masterpiece.

Keope Lineo Honey Esterno
LINEO honey

Flooring for gardens: how to make the most of your green space

Gardens are special places that demand particular care in the choice of tiles to enhance their appearance and function. The choice of suitable garden flooring is essential for creating a welcoming and harmonious atmosphere. Choosing colours and formats that blend perfectly into the surrounding landscape will make your garden an oasis of natural beauty.

To bring out the best in your garden, Keope porcelain stoneware floor covering collections in 20 mm thickness make an excellent choice. The Lineo collection, for example, has a perfect likeness to natural wood, adding a warm and welcoming appearance to the garden. Noord, on the other hand, has an elegantly industrial design, ideal for anyone looking for an avant-garde style for their garden.

Drive-over outdoor flooring: the practical choice for vehicle access

Drive-over outdoor flooring is a strong and practical solution for vehicle access to your outdoor space. These floors are designed specifically to cope with the weight and stress of vehicle traffic, as they are both strong and durable.

To make your choice easier, the Percorsi Extra collection is ideal for outdoor driveways. These porcelain stoneware tiles, available in 20 or 30 mm thickness, are the perfect combination of strength and beauty.

Midlake Quartzbeige Hotel 4
midlake quartz beige

Terrace floors: outdoor style and comfort

Make your terrace and outdoor oasis, with the stone-effect floors in the Midlake collection. Resistant to bad weather and atmospheric conditions, these porcelain stoneware tiles create a uniquely stylish and comfortable atmosphere. With Midlake, you can turn your terrace into a welcoming, high-class space where you can enjoy relaxing outdoors with the certainty of a lasting, safe floor. Surround yourself with a visual continuity from indoor to outdoor, with the beauty of porcelain stoneware that will make your terrace an enchanting, comfortable space waiting to offer you unforgettable experiences.


To conclude, the choice of the right outdoor flooring is fundamental for turning your outdoor space into a welcoming, high-class setting. Porcelain stoneware offers versatile, resistant solutions with a wide selection of collections, including stone-, wood- and concrete-effect floors and much more besides. Turn your outdoor space into an oasis of beauty and comfort with Keope, your trusted partner for quality outdoor floor coverings.

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