Complete guide to bathroom coverings: materials, colours and trends

Complete guide to bathroom coverings: materials, colours and trends
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Coverings play a fundamental role in the design and decoration of any bathroom. The tiles used to cover bathroom walls and floors not only protect them from wear and humidity but also play a crucial aesthetic role in creating a uniquely pleasing atmosphere. This complete guide explores the world of bathroom tiles, with a special focus on porcelain stoneware, also considering the style and colour trends for creating welcoming, modern bathrooms. We will also look at some creative ideas for adding a personal touch to your bathroom using innovative materials and designs.

The advantages of porcelain stoneware for bathroom coverings

Porcelain stoneware makes an excellent choice for bathroom coverings, offering a series of major advantages that make it the preferred material for interior design. Here are some of the main advantages of porcelain stoneware for bathroom coverings:

  1. Strength and durability: porcelain stoneware is renowned for its exceptional strength and durability. With a compact, low-porosity structure, it is highly resistant to impacts, abrasion and stains, so it doesn't change its appearance over time, even in frequently used damp spaces.
  2. Impermeability: with low water absorption, porcelain stoneware is totally impermeable. This makes it ideal for bathroom coverings, as water and other liquids cannot penetrate inside the tiles, preventing damage to the surfaces and the formation of mould.
  3. Easy to clean: porcelain stoneware is incredibly simple to clean, requiring just a little special care to maintain its original beauty. 
  4. Wide range of designs: porcelain stoneware comes in a wide range of designs, finished and colours. This variety helps to create different styles in the bathroom, including natural marble, concrete and stone effects, to match every taste and design need.
  5. Versatility: porcelain stoneware is highly versatile and can be used for both wall and floor coverings in the bathroom. Its adaptability makes it ideal for creating harmonious settings in which the wall tiles perfectly match those on the floor.
  6. Health and hygiene: as it is non-porous, porcelain stoneware prevents bacteria and germs from building up, making it the hygienic choice for bathrooms, where hygiene is essential.

Covering colours and trends

Bathroom coverings offer infinite potential for customisation, using the tile colours, trends and designs. This second step in our guide looks at two important aspects: classic and neutral colours, with all their advantages and versatility, and recent trends embracing minimalist lighting and large-sized tiles. It also offers some precious advice for mixing and matching colours to create the right atmosphere for your bathroom.

Keope Omnia Emperador White 1
Omnia Emperador White

Bathrooms with classic and neutral colours: advantages and versatility

Classic and neutral colours like white, beige and earthy shades add a special charm to bathroom coverings. These shades offer evergreen sophistication, adapting perfectly to any furnishing style. For example, Emperador White in the stone-effect Omnia collection adds a sensation of cleanliness and brightness, while the attractive Rapolano Beige and sophisticated Tivoli Ivory off-white create a natural, welcoming atmosphere.

Element Design White Riv. Silver 3D Bagno 2
Element Design White

Recent trends: minimalist lighting and large-sized tiles

The recent bathroom covering trends focus on minimalist lighting and the use of large-sized tiles. A clean, minimalist design with well-thought lighting can bring out the best features of the tiles, highlighting textures and finishes.

Large stoneware slabs, like those in the Elements Design collection with a resin effect, create a unique visual effect, making the space seem larger and giving the bathroom an airy, modern appeal. These tiles also reduce the number of joints, making cleaning easier with continuous coverings.

Creative ideas for bathroom coverings

This section explores some creative ideas for creating a uniquely elegant bathroom, focusing on the use of tiles with different effects to create details and unique designs. In particular we will look at the combination of wood-effect floors and stone-effect walls, a trend that adds a natural and sophisticated style to the room. We will also explore the use of different combinations of materials and textures to create a charming and trendy appearance for your bathroom coverings.

Stone- and wood-effect bathroom coverings: natural harmony

The combination of wood-effect and stone-effect porcelain stoneware is a creative idea that gives the bathroom a natural, relaxing appeal. The wood-effect floors in the Evoke collection add warmth and authenticity, creating a cosy and sophisticated atmosphere in the room. At the same time, the stone-effect walls of the Brystone collection add elegance and a rustic feel, recalling the beauty of natural stone.

Combination of materials and textures to create an attractive appeal

Another creative idea for bathroom coverings is to experiment with different combinations of materials and textures. The choice of tiles with different finishes - glossy, matt, brushed or 3D - can add depth and visual interest to the bathroom. For instance, we can use glossy tiles to reflect the light and make the space larger, mixed with matt tiles that add a touch of understatement.


To conclude, bathroom coverings are a key element for creating a welcoming, functional and trendy space. Porcelain stoneware is an excellent choice, as if offers strength, durability, impermeability and a wide selection of designs and finishes. The recent trends, including minimalist lighting and the use of large-sized tiles, add a modern and sophisticated touch to the room.

To design a unique, customised bathroom, these creative ideas - the combination of wood-effect floors and stone-effect walls, or the use of different textures and materials - can be a source of inspiration. Find out more about our mix&match, playing with colours and effects on MatchAPP, our configurator that helps you to imagine Keope materials in your bathroom.

For more information and to discover the wide range of Ceramiche Keope porcelain stoneware for bathroom coverings, please browse through our catalogue or contact our team of experts. We are here to support you in developing your design and help you to meet all your aesthetic and functional needs for your ideal bathroom.

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