Marble effect porcelain tiles: charm and uniqueness

Study, observation, research, meticulous care for details: this is the work behind our marble effect porcelain tiles, designed for the most elegant floors and walls. Every day, we recreate the multi-faceted essence of a precious and complex material with its tones and veining, which are never the same.

This porcelain marble tile allows the light to cross its surface before being reflected. This is why it has such a special glow: it doesn’t just show some shades of grey.


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Elements LUX - Polished marble effect porcelain stoneware

Marble is an unequalled material for sculptures: on a historical level, it has been the material par excellence of art and creativity at its best. Michelangelo once said that “Marble is like man, before undertaking something, you must know it well and know all that lies within it”: and we have taken these words seriously.

ONICE - Onice Pearl
ONICE - Onice Multicolor
ONICE - Onice Honey
9CENTO - Alba Oro
9CENTO - Aurora Beige
9CENTO - Riflesso Bianco
9CENTO - Metamorfosi

Keope’s marble effect porcelain floors, walls and surfaces

Our range of marble effect floor tiles offer many finishes and manners of interpreting the reference material, as well as an attractive mix of luxury and functionality. We create cool and polished surfaces for elegant and natural marble effect walls, facades and columns.

We present our products in different shapes, including the hexagon, which has a more decorative appeal with respect to the large sizes: variety helps when it comes to choosing new points of view and solutions that are exactly spot-on for your environment.

With our marble effect porcelain stoneware, you can create masterpieces of design that recall the craftsmanship of marble workshops.


Styles and types of marble effect tiles

Our collections satisfy a wide variety of stylistic needs. We make white, beige, grey, brown, black marble-effect porcelain tiles in different sizes and finishes. The collections in this marble-look variant include:

  • Onice: precious, resistant and bright floors
  • 9Cento, a line of marble varieties and stones inspired by early 20th Century European modernist architecture.
  • Interno4, marble effect of a modernist Italian style.
  • Elements Lux, polished porcelain marble effect tiles with an elegant graphic style.

Marble effect porcelain stoneware collections

Also available in large slabs.

ELEMENTS LUX Calacatta Gold
ELEMENTS LUX Calacatta Statuarietto
ELEMENTS LUX Calacatta Verde
Elements Lux - Persian Grey
Elements Lux - Persian Grey
Interno4 - Breccia Tortona
Interno4 - Calacatta San Babila
Interno4 - Palladiana Dark
Interno4 - Palladiana Light
Interno4 - Carnico Brera
Interno4 - Renoir Isola