Lime, sand, dust. Mix with care, add top quality technology and a very fine taste for aesthetics: here’s the concrete effect porcelain stoneware tiles that make people fall in love at first glance by virtue of their modern appeal and practicality. Their love potion has no secrets, it’s one hundred percent natural.


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Elements DESIGN - Concrete effect porcelain stoneware


Concrete effect floor and wall tiles: modernity and elegance

Our concrete-effect porcelain stoneware floors and walls retain a compact and elegant appearance under every light and angle. Each tile reproduces the material in detail, faithfully and carefully, so that your spaces are like images: contemporary, personalized, and unusual.

Concrete effect porcelain stoneware by Keope fuses rustic and sophisticated style. Whether it's kitchens, bathrooms or modern open spaces, choosing the concrete effect floor and wall tiles for indoors or outdoors gives perspective on the design and furnishing of the future.


Regular or large? Cement or resin? A tile for every surface

The Keope collections include concrete look tiles made in different styles and sizes. They can adapt to minimal environments, through soft lines and light colors, or enhance the expressiveness of an area thanks to their refined textures. Every collection is also available in large sizes for outdoors.

Who loves decorated cement will appreciate the Cementine series. Ikon, on the other hand, is best suited to those who prefer the classic style of cement. For those seeking the unique appeal of resin effect we have created the Elements Design series. We also have Moov, for who loves urban style.


Concrete and resin effect porcelain stoneware collections

Also available in large sizes and 20mm-thickness.

Urban Grey
Ikon Grey
Ikon Beige
Ikon Sky
Ikon White
Moov Grey