LIMES Quartz White 60x90 K2 20mm

Limes sits in a comfortable limbo between invention and conservation, beyond the boundaries of places and trends. On its surface, the excellent grain of the porphyry and the crystalline matrix of the quartz come together and show up - sometimes warmer, other times colder. The outdoor stone effect reveals itself as a versatile witness of building in harmony with the environment and all its nuances.

Sizes and thicknesses

The dimensions of Limes allow striking compositional patterns, both in the non-rectified version - with a side measuring 22.5cm - and in the rectified K2 version,  60x90cm. The 20mm-thick tiles endure significant weights or extreme weather conditions, thanks to the perfect alignment between technology and aesthetics.

Colors and surfaces

Quartz White or Multicolor, Porfido Warm or Cold -- each effect claims a double chromatic style with extraordinary decorative capacity. The quartzite tones, in all degrees of intensity, picture light yet lively mineral textures; the full-bodied nuances of porphyry vary their temperature to fit the physicality of each project.

Colors and sizes

Limes Quartz White
Structured R11
Limes Porfido Cold
Structured R11
Limes Porfido Warm
Structured R11
Limes Quartz Multicolor
Structured R11
60x90 - 24''x36'' RT K2 20mm

The Limes series is available in K2 20mm thick in 60x90 cm.