SOURCE Grey 60x60 cm - strutt. RT K2 20 mm

Thanks to its thickness of 20 mm, K2 Source is suitable for raised installation, dry installation on sand, gravel or grass, to take advantage of a floor that can be used immediately, without the need of a screed or the use of adhesive or mortar. As an alternative, the collection can be installed in the conventional manner on  a screed and using adhesive, to guarantee an exceptional resistance to breaking loads and create transitable surfaces.

Unique, thanks to its intense substantial details, Source is the result of the constant and careful research that Ceramiche Keope conducts to create one-of-a-kind surfaces, that captivate, whilst granting the best in terms of technical performance and safety.

SOURCE Grey 60x60 cm - strutt. RT K2 20 mm
SOURCE Silver 60x60 cm - strutt. RT K2 20 mm

Colors and sizes

60x60 - 24''x24'' RT
Structured R11

The collection Source is also available in the K2 version in 2 cm thick in the size 60x60 cm.

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